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The Happiness Project

Robert Holden, Ph.D.

Robert Holden, Ph. D. has dedicated the past 25 years of his life to learning about happiness and teaching others how to find true joy in...

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The Fabulous Female Body

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

There was a time, long ago, when the female body was worshipped as sacred, and men and women lived in partnership in egalitarian communit...

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The Art of Extreme Self-Care

Cheryl Richardson

Join Cheryl Richardson on an unforgettable year long journey to transform your life—one month at a time! In this 12-month audio course, t...

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I enjoyed this course so much. I highly recommend anyone who is starting out or experienced to take this course. My meditations have a new deeper feel, I can instantly sense and connect with spirit and the energy stream. I love the exercises given in this course and use the lessons in my healing practice now. Thank you Sandra. michelle

Thank you Hay House Team for this phenomenal course! I've loved every moment of watching the inspiring, enlightening and thought-provoking videos, as well as listening to the webinars. It's a privilege and pleasure to be privy to the insight and experience shared by such exceptional speakers and authors, many of whose work I have followed for many years. I am also sincerely grateful for the special opportunity to submit my book ... Naomi

This course is a game changer for me. I could not wait to go from lesson to lesson. I am so excited about what I have taken from this course. I am now making Kefir and cultured vegetables and can't wait to get my scoby to start kombucha. I want it all! Thank you Donna! Christine

Thank you James, for a wonderful course. It was thorough and filled with lots of useful information. The meditations were especially enjoyable. Best wishes! Jonathan

Thank you, Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson for really inspirational life changing course I love you... Tulsi

Thank you Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson for an inspiring course. I needed to start loving myself so mirrors are going to become my new best friends. Much Love, Kay. Kay

Such a straight forward, simple concept! I love the energy of Louise and Cheryl, so blessed to have received their message! Karen

I am so grateful for Doreen's dedication to help and guide people out of darkness and into the light. I sincerely appreciate her honesty and her professionalism. This course has encouraged me to see myself through forgiving eyes and to appreciate the journey that has made me the purposeful, passionate, proud mother, grandmother, published author, Reiki Master, safe-to-be-me spouse that I am today. Yours In Love, Light and Harmony, ... Suzanne

Totally wonderful course! Would recommend it to everyone. Bruce is such a brilliant teacher, he explains things so that anyone can understand. The course really helped open my eyes to how to change my life and set me on a whole new life path! Josephine

I love it. I enjoyed every last word Kyle had to say. It gave me so much in site on the angel. Thank you. And Blessing to all. Jacqueline

I absolutely loved this course, having the course as a pre-recorded workshop worked for me, I felt like I was sitting in the audience. Greggs insight and information was downloaded into my soul and spirit. And as soon as I would finish a lesson I would call my Mom, Reverend Geraldine and my sister Linda to discuss the new insights. I hope some day to meet Gregg Braden in person, although talking with him live on the telephone was ... CeeJai

Louise is graceful in all that she says and does.She is a blessing to many. Thank you for the course. It was extraordinary. Ghislaine

Thank you for this course! I loved it! I'm ready to say loving positive affirmations with my mirror in hand. Louise is amazing! Love her! And Cheryl is a great speaker and very funny. Thanks again! Bettina

I am loving The course ❤️ Monika

The introduction is grounding, awakening, reassuring, inspiring and motivating. I feel less fear and know I can do this! Thanks for bringing it into our space for busy people like me to have access to this great course. Margaret

This course changed my whole life!!! I will be forever thankful to Gregg Braden! It changed me when he was selling his course with a demo and especially Lesson 5! WOW!!! Thank you! Wendy

What a great way to learn and/or review knowledge and sense of being. I love the way Mike Dooley makes comparisons that helps us understand his message. Looking forward to the next lessons! Carmen

A beautiful and informative course which eases you into an life changing practice of meditation, by the most inspiring teacher, davidji. Joan

I've listened to the first installment twice now and glad I did. So much great information...Thanks, Doreen! You are a Supreme Sparkler:) Cecily

I love this course! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge Doreen! You rock! xx Shana

This makes a lot of sense! Thank you for simplifying it! Linda

I'm coming up 70 and have decided I really need to change and am going to! Sandra

Gentle encouragement from a loving place. Valerie S.

Simple and empowering. Distilled wisdom. Robyn S.

I am uplifted and back on track! Ellen K.

It is amazing how things appear when you are ready for them! Cathy L.

Thank you for shining light on this topic of assertiveness with such clarity and great energy. Anna

You make everything so simple, honest and straight forward. Fawn O.

Very practical and wise and inspirational instruction. Sipra R.

Honest content and invaluable information. Sandeep C.

I go away inspired and empowered! Nice job! Laura D.

I'm inspired to create change in my life, and now have a direction to take. Suzi P.

Thank you for giving us the science behind what we are feeling when we are meditating and manifesting. Carla C.

What a heavy load has been lifted learning and discovering that Life loves me and supports me! Emilia C.

This came at a perfect time as I am re-visioning my BIG dreams and creating my new experiences in life. Cynthia

What an example of true Love given with each thought given. Paulette

This is invigorating, refreshing &, best of all, it's helping. Theresa W.

Informative & powerful information delivered with enthusiasum & grace ! Cynthia G.

Thank you so much for this practical, insightful and inspirational information. Janine P.

Never too late to pursue happiness! Thank you for providing the guidance. Charitina

Certified Crystal Reader

Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski

You’ll learn to amplify your intentions, integrate crystal therapy with your healing modality, and utilize specific crystals to support y...

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Making Your Mind Matter Online Course

Dr. Joe Dispenza

If you believe, even just the tiniest bit, that your thoughts create your reality, Dr. Dispenza’s new online course, Making Your Mind Mat...

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Certified Angel Card Reader Online Video Course

Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

Gain confidence, clarity, and the power to make great decisions in your life… Become a Certified Angel Card Reader™ with t...

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Certified Assertiveness Coach Online Course

Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue is a former psychotherapist who has taught thousands of individuals worldwide how to develop courage and assertiveness th...

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Probiotic Powerhouse

Donna Schwenk

You can say good-bye to all these health issues—and not break the bank—when you harness the power of probiotic foods. And this online cou...

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Elemental Space Clearing Online Course

Denise Linn

Elemental Space Clearing® Online Certification Course, includes far more than learning to clear your energy and your home. It is a globa...

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