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Secrets for Living the Life You Want

Dr. Barbara De Angelis

Secrets for Living the Life You Want will help you find true freedom—the freedom to reconnect with the power of love in your heart, to pu...

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Certified Angel Tarot Reader

Radleigh Valentine

Join best-selling author Radleigh Valentine—renowned co-teacher of the Certified Angel Card Reader course with Doreen Virtue—as he delves...

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Ageless Goddess Online Course

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

This eight-lesson course is uniquely designed to support you in living agelessly, vibrantly and healthfully with specific lessons focused...

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I have found this course very good and the videos are extremely informative. I would definitely try something similar again. Thank you Gordon PS. Would highly recommend. Irene

Denise is so wonderfully down to earth and fun to watch, you feel as though you are there in the room with her. The stories and lessons shared with stay with you weather you choose to use this course as a business or just personal exploration. You will grow and be better for it. Buffy

I believe that I was guided to Doreen Virtue, to this course, and to working with angels. Since I have completed this course, I have begun working with angels for myself and my clients and have experienced incredible love and even some miracles. Thank you to Doreen and her team of gifted intuitives and healers for sharing this information and light with us and the world. Rachel

I simply love Doreen and Charles! They are amazing teachers and I am so grateful for their insights and advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 Eliane

Thank you - This is a wonderful and life changing course. I am so excited to be a part of this community. Blessings! Lea

I thoroughly enjoyed this course - I had no idea numerology was so in-depth and so complex! It's helped me understand myself further and I'd like to do the charts for my children as well so that I can understand them better as well! I'll revisit the course again to remind myself of the key points and the different roles of the numbers :) Excellent course! Tania

Loved the introductions in our first week. I couldn't stop listening to all these varied, wonderful, impactual personal stories. " Yes, I can do this" is now my battle cry. Thank-You! Wendy

Incredible! Helped me identify and acknowledge issues inside me and empower me to not only face them but overcome them and then empower others. Thank you, Doreen, you are without doubt a lady sent from heaven to help Gods people xxx Debbie

What a wonderful course, very informative and how Doreen combined all of her work together was fabulous. Her son was impactful and well informed on the historical arena. I learned a lot from this course on Angels and the works. Matilde Zayas

This course is fabulous. A must for everyone to stop the search for happiness. Natalie

Kyle, thank you for creating and offering this beautiful course. It was truly magnificent and loving. Your material was such an added bonus. Thank you. Joni

Wow, the best gift I've ever had from my husband! The course was so well organized with two of the most beautiful souls sharing a wealth of information on a subject that has always been close to my heart! I didn't know I could learn so much in such a short time! Thank you, Doreen and Judith! God bless! Yvonne

Thank you, Kyle, for spreading your message of light and oneness with the angels. Gina

This course is like having your very own cheerleading squad on hand :) Doreen gives wonderful advice as well as making you feel confident, even when you don't. Her stories, life experiences and practical advice are encouraging and helpful. Thank you for your support! Jo-Anne

Robert's Happiness Project is oustanding and potentially life changing if you allow it to be. Thank you for the opportunity to transform my life Cherie

I absolutely loved this course. So informative and inspiring. I hope Doreen and Judith offer an advanced course really soon. Thank you Angela

This course was wonderful and fulfilling. God bless and thank you for sharing this with us. Tamela

I really enjoyed these videos. I learned a great deal of information I didn't know and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in mediumship. I hope there is a follow up course. Jamie

This course is really great!! The information is well synthesized, the exercises are easily doable and you get to learn from one of the best teachers on chakras that you can find!! It is also great to have the worksheets at the end of each lesson! Thank you Anodea for your great work and for this course! Silvia

A brilliant course that I couldn't put down! Excellent presentation full of information and learning. Thank you. Judith

Listening to Louise and Cheryl, I become a sponge.Receiving confirmation of my current progress in the creation of my exceptional life made me feel all glowy inside. My awakening happened this year and I have Hay House to thank for the teachers that speak to my heart each and every time. I know I am on the right track and see a little piece of me in each teacher and am confident that my own aspirations of becoming a spiritual teacher ... Liza

Just wonderful and made me laugh. Might watch it again! Patricia

This course is well worth the money. It helped me tremendously and turned my life around. I am now at a point, after doing this course, that I can consider myself a survivor and no longer a sufferer. If you follow her steps, advice, and put in the work it truly works on all aspects of your life. I am truly grateful to have found you and this course. So thank you I am extremely grateful for your work and your gifts. Aloha! Stephanie

I love Dr. Lipton and the way he helps us to understand the way everything is brought together is amazing. mary

I am loving the empowerment that I feel from these lessons. I am focused on positive mindset and making mindful decisions along with doing daily meditation all to become a better version of me. Thank you for this amazing course. Sherry

Loving everythig so far! Blessed. Thank you. xox Karin

Love Love this Crystal Course. I am a Reiki Master. I work with crystals during my foot therapy I do on my clients. They walk the Earth Dreams Sanctuary Labyrinth " the name of our home here in South Africa which is natural Silicon pebbles, with pockets of Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Leopard Pebbles from river in Botswana. Thank you. Gaining so much extra knowledge With love joy and gratitude Janetxxx Janet

I'm loving this course so far and excited to add this further crystal knowledge into my professional intuitive energy healing practice as well as my personal life! I've noticed a few small errors in the video's accompanying side notes as well as in the handouts but nonetheless it's a great course. I do agree it's great for beginners and those who have worked with crystals already will still find some new information too. I had the ... Christine

I enjoyed this course so much. I highly recommend anyone who is starting out or experienced to take this course. My meditations have a new deeper feel, I can instantly sense and connect with spirit and the energy stream. I love the exercises given in this course and use the lessons in my healing practice now. Thank you Sandra. michelle

Thank you Hay House Team for this phenomenal course! I've loved every moment of watching the inspiring, enlightening and thought-provoking videos, as well as listening to the webinars. It's a privilege and pleasure to be privy to the insight and experience shared by such exceptional speakers and authors, many of whose work I have followed for many years. I am also sincerely grateful for the special opportunity to submit my book ... Naomi

This course is a game changer for me. I could not wait to go from lesson to lesson. I am so excited about what I have taken from this course. I am now making Kefir and cultured vegetables and can't wait to get my scoby to start kombucha. I want it all! Thank you Donna! Christine

Thank you James, for a wonderful course. It was thorough and filled with lots of useful information. The meditations were especially enjoyable. Best wishes! Jonathan

Thank you, Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson for really inspirational life changing course I love you... Tulsi

Thank you Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson for an inspiring course. I needed to start loving myself so mirrors are going to become my new best friends. Much Love, Kay. Kay

Such a straight forward, simple concept! I love the energy of Louise and Cheryl, so blessed to have received their message! Karen

I am so grateful for Doreen's dedication to help and guide people out of darkness and into the light. I sincerely appreciate her honesty and her professionalism. This course has encouraged me to see myself through forgiving eyes and to appreciate the journey that has made me the purposeful, passionate, proud mother, grandmother, published author, Reiki Master, safe-to-be-me spouse that I am today. Yours In Love, Light and Harmony, ... Suzanne

Totally wonderful course! Would recommend it to everyone. Bruce is such a brilliant teacher, he explains things so that anyone can understand. The course really helped open my eyes to how to change my life and set me on a whole new life path! Josephine

I love it. I enjoyed every last word Kyle had to say. It gave me so much in site on the angel. Thank you. And Blessing to all. Jacqueline

I absolutely loved this course, having the course as a pre-recorded workshop worked for me, I felt like I was sitting in the audience. Greggs insight and information was downloaded into my soul and spirit. And as soon as I would finish a lesson I would call my Mom, Reverend Geraldine and my sister Linda to discuss the new insights. I hope some day to meet Gregg Braden in person, although talking with him live on the telephone was ... CeeJai

Louise is graceful in all that she says and does.She is a blessing to many. Thank you for the course. It was extraordinary. Ghislaine

Thank you for this course! I loved it! I'm ready to say loving positive affirmations with my mirror in hand. Louise is amazing! Love her! And Cheryl is a great speaker and very funny. Thanks again! Bettina

I am loving The course ❤️ Monika

The introduction is grounding, awakening, reassuring, inspiring and motivating. I feel less fear and know I can do this! Thanks for bringing it into our space for busy people like me to have access to this great course. Margaret

This course changed my whole life!!! I will be forever thankful to Gregg Braden! It changed me when he was selling his course with a demo and especially Lesson 5! WOW!!! Thank you! Wendy

What a great way to learn and/or review knowledge and sense of being. I love the way Mike Dooley makes comparisons that helps us understand his message. Looking forward to the next lessons! Carmen

A beautiful and informative course which eases you into an life changing practice of meditation, by the most inspiring teacher, davidji. Joan

I've listened to the first installment twice now and glad I did. So much great information...Thanks, Doreen! You are a Supreme Sparkler:) Cecily

I love this course! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge Doreen! You rock! xx Shana

This makes a lot of sense! Thank you for simplifying it! Linda

I'm coming up 70 and have decided I really need to change and am going to! Sandra

Gentle encouragement from a loving place. Valerie S.

Simple and empowering. Distilled wisdom. Robyn S.

I am uplifted and back on track! Ellen K.

It is amazing how things appear when you are ready for them! Cathy L.

Thank you for shining light on this topic of assertiveness with such clarity and great energy. Anna

You make everything so simple, honest and straight forward. Fawn O.

Very practical and wise and inspirational instruction. Sipra R.

Honest content and invaluable information. Sandeep C.

I go away inspired and empowered! Nice job! Laura D.

I'm inspired to create change in my life, and now have a direction to take. Suzi P.

Thank you for giving us the science behind what we are feeling when we are meditating and manifesting. Carla C.

What a heavy load has been lifted learning and discovering that Life loves me and supports me! Emilia C.

This came at a perfect time as I am re-visioning my BIG dreams and creating my new experiences in life. Cynthia

What an example of true Love given with each thought given. Paulette

This is invigorating, refreshing &, best of all, it's helping. Theresa W.

Informative & powerful information delivered with enthusiasum & grace ! Cynthia G.

Thank you so much for this practical, insightful and inspirational information. Janine P.

Never too late to pursue happiness! Thank you for providing the guidance. Charitina

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