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    Welcome to A Daily Dose of Happiness! Throughout this week, you will learn simple practices and scientifically proven techniques that will fast-track you to joy—in just 10 minutes a day!


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    Course Expert

    Robert Holden, Ph.D.

    Robert Holden’s innovative work on psychology and spirituality has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, a PBS special Shift Happens! and in two major BBC-TV documentaries on happiness. He is a New York Times best-selling author of 10 books including: Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success, Be Happy, Loveability and Life Loves You (co-written with Louise Hay). Robert’s latest project is editor of Trust Life: Love Yourself Every Day with Wisdom from Louise Hay (published Oct 2018).

    Robert has given over 50 keynote talks for I CAN DO IT! events worldwide. He is a coach and mentor to entrepreneurs and companies like Dove & the Real Beautiful Campaign, Virgin, The Body Shop and Google. Robert is a trustee of the Miracle Network UK – supporting A Course in Miracles. He is on the Guest Faculty of the University of Santa Monica. He is an official contributor to Oprah.com.

    Robert’s weekly radio show, Shift Happens!, is one of Hay House Radio’s most popular shows – now in its tenth year! Listen in each Thursday at 6pm-7pm! Robert posts daily on his FB page: www.facebook.com/drrobertholden

    What You'll Learn

    Day 1: Following Your Joy

    “There is a world of difference between searching for happiness and following your joy,” Robert says, “and unless you cultivate a relationship to joy, no amount of pleasure or satisfaction will ever be enough.” Today, you’ll discover the fundamentals of cultivating a relationship to joy by learning the five signs that you are following yours. Robert also leads you through a two-minute exercise, the Following Your Joy Meditation, to tune you directly in to your higher wisdom. 

    Day 2: Healing Unhappiness

    “Happiness is not just the absence of sadness,” Robert says. “It is also the capacity to love and heal sadness.” Today, you’ll learn about the purpose of unhappiness and why you should never be afraid or ashamed of sadness—for within it is a message, lesson, and gift to help you heal. Robert guides you in a powerful Short Course in Emotional Healing—five potent principles that will help you heal unhappiness—and leads you through a revolutionary exercise called Interviewing Unhappiness so that you can discover what your feelings want you to know. 

    Day 3: Letting Go of the Struggle

    “Happiness is outgrowing the need to keep on suffering,” Robert says, and today he dives into explaining what he calls The Suffering Ethic: the mistaken idea that in order to be happy, you have to suffer. He goes through the five myths about suffering that you might unknowingly believe and busts each myth, one by one. He then guides you through a two-minute meditation to release the belief that you have to suffer in order to be happy.

    Day 4: Milking the Sacred Now

    “The quality of your relationship with ‘now’ will determine how much happiness you will experience in this lifetime,” Robert says. Today, he teaches you to cultivate a deeper relationship with the now—your “greatest teacher”—for a happier future. He also confronts the notion of “destination addiction,” one of the major barriers to experiencing the joy of the present moment, and then guides you in a 90-second meditative writing exercise to help you rest in the now. 

    Day 5: Sympathetic Joy

    In this beautiful closing lesson, Robert teaches you one of the greatest keys to happiness: sympathetic joy. Stemming from a powerful Buddhist philosophy, sympathetic joy simply means allowing yourself to be truly happy for the happiness of others—for doing so consistently raises your own level of joy. It is also an antidote to two huge blocks to happiness: envy and competition. Robert closes out your week by guiding you through a short five-part meditation that he dubs “the ultimate prescription for mental health,” based on the Buddhist idea of loving-kindness.

    Bonus Gift: Interview with Louise Hay: Your Inner Ding

    As a special bonus gift, you’ll hear from the late self-help goddess herself Louise Hay as she talks to Robert about the importance of tuning in to your “inner ding,” your inner wisdom and knowing, no matter what the outside world is telling you. This 22-minute interview is rich with wisdom from Louise as she reflects on her life’s journey and her own path to happiness. 

    What Students are Saying about this course


    This mini course is a wonderful foundation for understanding happiness. Sounds kind of crazy as you would think it’s simple, you’re happy or you not! I hadn’t taken the time to put together the full picture of happiness but this five day program is thought provoking and yet kind to the soul. It allows one to find the ‘holes’ in their happiness understanding and then provides gentle guidance to explore the ‘holes’ in a non critical manner. Thank you Robert for this course and the beautiful manner in which you present your understandings and knowledge. Sue


    Ten minutes of a big truth to not forget in life!


    Excellent intro and day 1. Looking forward to day 2! Oh and I took part in Roberts happiness workshop in the 90’s!!

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