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After you complete this course, you will:

  • Understand the structure of tarot
  • Meet—and befriend—the royal members of the court cards
  • Comprehend more advanced ideas in tarot such as the symbolism, astrology, numerology, and the angels
  • Know how to use tarot to improve your life and manifest what you’ve been dreaming of
  • Be able to create your own spreads to advance your card reading skills
  • Have the knowledge to start building an online presence and platform for a successful career
  • Be a Certified Angel Tarot Reader—a designation you may use in your work

Upon completion of the requirements in this course, you'll be a licensed Certified Angel Tarot Reader, and you'll receive a certificate that's suitable for framing. This paraprofessional worldwide designation demonstrates that you've taken extra training to understand angel tarot cards and underscores your preparation to give professional angel tarot card readings...

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During this 6-lesson online course, you’ll have a:

  • Certification as an Angel Tarot Reader
  • Clear information on the structure and purpose of tarot
  • An Interactive digital deck of the Angel Tarot™ Cards will provide you with inspiring guidance on your life journey!
  • Advanced ideas such as the symbolism, astrology, numerology, and angels that will help you take your readings to the next level


Radleigh Valentine

Best-selling Hay House author Radleigh Valentine has inspired audiences around the world with his angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support. Imagine having an encouraging guardian angel or fairy “godbrother” whispering in your ear, helping you realize your purpose as a child of the Divine. He’s written several oracle and tarot decks, including the best-selling Angel Tarot Cards. His books How to Be Your Own Genie and Compendium of Magical Things offer insightful, exhilarating lessons about how to manifest the life of your dreams and find your own unique language for communicating with the Divine.
An internationally known spiritual teacher and speaker, Radleigh has presented at nearly 100 events in 10 countries. His teachings enchant audiences with the message that each and every one of us deserves to live a magical life. For more information, please visit

“Tarot can change your life . . . you can get guidance that will lead you toward the life of your dreams and help you find happiness.”
Radleigh Valentine

What You’ll Learn

Lesson 1 :
Tarot Made Easy
Lesson includes
Card Deck

In this foundational lesson, Radleigh lays out the basics of tarot reading, covering everything from the structure of tarot, to how to prep your deck for reading, to common spreads that will get you started. He also discusses how angel tarot differs from traditional tarot and the pros and cons of various angel tarot decks. While the first part of this lesson may cover some familiar territory, the second half delves into an exciting new concept, which you’ll learn about only in this course: the timeline of the major arcana, which explores the relation of each card to a stage of life, moving from birth to death to spiritual rebirth. By understanding the cards in this progression, you will take your readings to the next level. 

Lesson 2 :
Developing Your Tarot Reading Skills
Lesson includes
Card Deck

Angel tarot cards are an amazing tool for getting information from Heaven—by interpreting the story in the cards, you can access clear and accurate guidance from the Divine. In this lesson, Radleigh gives you concrete tips to do so and teaches you how to form specific questions in order to focus your reading and draw the story out, even when the cards seem to contradict one another. Then you get to experience four live readings—real questions from real people with real answers from Radleigh—so you can see how these stories come to life. With guidance on how to manage your ego and tap into your intuition—including a powerful ego-busting meditation—and advice on how to create your own unique spreads, Radleigh gets you ready to start reading. 

Lesson 3 :
Meet the People on Tarot Cards
Lesson includes
Card Deck

The court cards are one of the most misunderstood parts of the tarot deck—and they account for about 20 percent of it. Their perplexity, in part, stems from the fact that the court cards are multidimensional; in a reading, they can represent both people and situations. So, in this lesson, Radleigh delves into the court cards to help whisk away confusion. He discusses the character of each card along with what he or she might represent during a reading—in other words, he helps you understand the story that each card is trying to tell. He also talks about who gets along with whom in the cards and how the appearance of these friendly or adversary relationships affect the reading.

Lesson 4 :
The Symbols of Tarot
Lesson includes
Card Deck

Lesson four is all about developing a deeper understanding of the cards in a tarot deck so you can give better—and more accurate—readings. By learning about the common symbols, archangels, and animals in tarot, you’ll find that the cards speak to you more clearly. After exploring these visual aspects of the cards, Radleigh moves into the ethereal relationship between astrology and the major arcana, explaining which planets are associated with which cards and how that influences the character of the cards. Finally, he takes you into numerology, looking at what the numbers on the pip cards indicate and what it means if you get multiples in a reading. These advanced methods of interpretation will shift your understanding of the message of tarot.

Lesson 5 :
The Magic of Tarot
Lesson includes
Card Deck

Lesson five is where things get really fun. Most people think of tarot simply as a divination tool, and that’s mostly what it is. However, you can use it with meditation, manifestation, the law of attraction, and feng shui in order to help create the life of your dreams. And in this lesson, Radleigh explains how to do just that. He also helps you calculate and interpret your birth cards so you can obtain information about your life purpose and spiritual path. Plus, he shows you how to do readings for career and life purpose, health, and romance. It’s time for you to create the life you truly want, so grab your craft supplies…because you’re going to make a vision board.

Lesson 6 :
Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader
Lesson includes
Card Deck

In this final lesson, we move away from the specifics of reading tarot and into the nitty-gritty of starting your own tarot-reading business, including ethical considerations to keep in mind and options for how to structure your business. Many people working in the spiritual realm find marketing and money to be problematic, but they are essential if you are going to thrive as a tarot reader. So in these videos, Radleigh lays out the basics of what it takes to get your name out so people can find you. With information on everything from how Facebook works, to how to create original content, to how to livestream video, you’ll soon be ready to jump into the world of professional angel tarot reading. 

Bonus Gifts #2 :
Experience the Magic of Tarot Webinar Series

Bonus Gifts #3 :
Live Webinars

During this 6-lesson online course, you’ll have a:

  • Certification as an Angel Tarot Reader
  • Clear information on the structure and purpose of tarot
  • An Interactive digital deck of the Angel Tarot™ Cards will provide you with inspiring guidance on your life journey!
  • Advanced ideas such as the symbolism, astrology, numerology, and angels that will help you take your readings to the next level

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Listen to these previously recorded in-course webinars that touch base with every topic discussed in the course.


Radleigh teaches you how to use the Guardian Angel Tarot Deck to create an Archangel Prescription. If you are going through a challenge and feel unsafe, unprotected or powerless, the Archangel Prescription is way of working with the Archangels to resolve these issues. It is also a wonderful way to bring more abundance into your life by focusing energy and releasing unpleasant thoughts. This is the first time Radleigh has taught this technique, and it is exclusive to this course.


Join the Certified Angel Tarot Reader private Facebook community, which is managed personally by Radleigh. You’ll find beautiful and Divinely gifted people and a truly peaceful and spiritually supportive community.

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This is the course that laid the foundation for me - absolutely fantastic. Thanks, Radleigh - you are the best!

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