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    6-Lesson Online Course with Christiane Northrup, M.D.

    Is Your Relationship Leaving You Feeling Drained, Sick, and Tired?

    Does someone in your life leave you feeling physically and emotionally depleted? Have you been told you are too sensitive? Do you have the nagging feeling that there’s something very wrong with your relationship, but you can’t seem to identify it?

    If you answered "yes" to these questions, it's likely that you are in a relationship with an energy vampire—one of the most overlooked causes of illness in the world today. In this course, renowned M.D. and New York Times best-selling author Christiane Northrup takes this pervasive issue head-on and shows you how to recover your power, your health, and your life from being ravaged by narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and more.

    Online Course Includes:

    • Concrete ways to identify energy vampires in your life—and recognize their manipulation tactics.
    • Powerful step-by-step practices to rid yourself of toxic relationships and reclaim your physical and emotional health.
    • Stunning interviews with leading experts and researchers in the field of personality disorders and energy-vampire relationships.
    • Revealing information about YOU—why you are likely an “empath,” and how you can harness your innate strengths and goodness.
    • How to protect yourself from negative influences, safeguard your health, and render yourself energy-vampire-proof from this day forward.

    In six powerful, jam-packed lessons, Dr. Northrup teaches you how to recognize and rid yourself of energy-vampire relationships so that you can quickly separate from people who are using your energy to fuel their dysfunctional lives. Along the way, she interviews top experts from the field of personality disorders and offers simple, clear strategies and healing practices so that you can address the wounds that are keeping you stuck.

    If you’re ready to heal physically and emotionally from a toxic relationship and live a healthier, happier, wealthier, and more vibrant life than you ever believed possible, then don’t hesitate—this course is for you.


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    This course is for you if you:

    • Are in a relationship that leaves you feeling drained, sick, and tired
    • Feel as though you take on the energy of the people around you
    • Have ever been told you’re just “too sensitive”, suffer from mystery illnesses, such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia
    • Are successful in most areas of your life—except some specific relationships

    "It's Time to Rid Yourself of the Energy Vampires Who Are Sucking Your Life Blood!"

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: A Sensitive Soul

    Have you ever been told that you’re too sensitive? Do you find that some people—even really happy people—leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained? If your answer to these is “yes,” it’s likely you’re part of an elite group of people called empaths. Congratulations! An empath is a wonderful thing to be—and in this lesson, you’ll find out why. By looking at everything from the day-to-day experiences of an empath to the influence of old wounds on your present life, you will come to understand both your strengths and your weaknesses better than ever before. Plus, an eye-opening conversation with psychologist Sandra L. Brown will help you see yourself in a new, more positive light. 

    Lesson 2: Vampires in Your Life
    Lesson includes

    Now we shift the focus from you to the people who drain you: energy vampires. In Lesson 2, you’ll learn all about the common characteristics of vampires and the underhanded manipulation tactics they use to keep you in their grips. An interview with Dr. George Simon, an expert in the field of personality disorders, will help you see why vampires are the way they are and what can be done about them. You’ll also explore the physical and emotional effects of staying in a relationship with an energy vampire. By learning to recognize an energy vampire when you see one, you’ll be one step closer to being energy-vampire-proof.

    Lesson 3: Breaking the Cycle
    Lesson includes

    By now, you likely have an idea about whether you are in a relationship with an energy vampire—but this lesson is where the rubber really hits the road in assessing your relationships. In it Dr. Northrup asks probing questions that will help you determine the state of your relationships, and then provides straightforward advice on how to get out of or mitigate your interactions with any energy vampires in your life. Simple techniques for creating boundaries, saying no, and getting support—plus dealing with the guilt that comes from “abandoning” your relationship—will help you step away from the person or people who are harming you. 

    Lesson 4: Emotional Healing
    Lesson includes

    Coming back from an energy-vampire relationship starts with emotional healing. Years of living with cognitive dissonance may have made you start to doubt your sanity and your ability to trust yourself. But this lesson will help you turn those things around. You’ll find straightforward advice that will help you clear old energy that’s stuck in your body, heal the wounds of your past, and give your inner child the love it needs. The work you’ll do in this lesson will put you on the path to restoring your self-love and your self-worth—both of which are essential to living the full and vibrant life you deserve.  

    Lesson 5: Physical Healing
    Lesson includes

    When it comes to restoring your health and regaining your power after an energy-vampire relationship, you mustn’t neglect the physical body. In this lesson, Dr. Northrup explains the four pieces of physical health—elevated cognition, exalted emotions, righteous anger, and expressed emotions—delving into why each one matters on a biochemical level. After establishing this foundation, she moves into practical ways to replenish your body by touching on topics such as the healing power of Divine Love, deep breathing, movement, mindfulness, intention, and sleep. She also lays out clear rules for how to eat in order to combat the cellular inflammation that stems from the stress of an energy-vampire relationship. Remember, this inflammation is the root cause of almost all chronic degenerative disease.

    Lesson 6: Your True Power
    Lesson includes

    Welcome to the final step in recovering from an energy-vampire relationship. In this lesson, Dr. Northrup teaches you the importance of fully embodying the truth of who you are, or as she calls it “standing as the light.” By being the true you—not a version of yourself that has been muted by the expectations of society—you will not only help heal the human race and the planet, but also render yourself virtually energy-vampire-proof. Dr. Northrup describes this healing step as “the most exhilarating and liberating thing I’ve ever discovered.” By following her simple advice about how to emerge from fear and put yourself first, you will become happier and healthier—plus you’ll be inoculated from the darkness around you. 

    Bonuses: Bonuses and In-Course Webinar

    • In-Course Webinar
    • Do Only Hurt People Hurt People? An Interview with George Simon, Ph.D. (Audio Download)
    • Growing Older, Energy Vampires, and Beyond: A Prescription for Vitality, Wellbeing and Radiance (Audio Download)
    • Whatever Arises, Love That: An Interview with Matt Kahn (Audio Download)
    • Dealing with Manipulative People: An Interview with George Simon, Ph.D. (Audio Download)
    • Life Skills for Sensitive People: An Interview with Judith Orloff, Ph.D. (Audio Download)
    • Relationships of Inevitable Harm: An Interview with psychologist Sandra L. Brown, M.A. (Audio Download)

    This course is for you if you:

    • Feel like you have to hide your true passions and interests to be accepted by your peers
    • Commonly take on responsibility for the outcome of any situation
    • Feel the emotions of other people as if they are your own
    • Are in an energy vampire relationship
    • Seek clear, practical tools to get out of an energy vampire relationship
    • Suspect you’re in a relationship with an energy vampire and need a way to assess it

    What Students are Saying about this course


    Christine, your work is phenomenal! I had waves of ahas after what I had learned from your courses and lectures... Now I am waiting for your book Dogging Energy Vampires. Thank you so much, Christine. You have got such a big heart! I know many people here in Poland who could learn from you but they don't know English. Hope the book will be available in Polish version soon :) Asia


    Christine, your work is phenomenal! I had waves of ahas after what I had learned from your courses, lectures... Now I am waiting for your book Dogging Energe Vampires. Thank you so much, Christine. You have got such a big heart! I know many people here in Poland who could learn from you but they don't know English. Hope the book will be available in Polish version soon :)

    Shahzadee Jacqueline Saskia

    A must for everyone who is in contact with Sociopaths, Narcissists and other persons with personal disorders. If you're a psychologist, therapist, doctor or the partner, child or parent of a person with personal disorders take your time for this course. I loved every part of this course and could learn a lot more than I already knew after reading the books of Marie-France Hirigoye and others. It is an eye opener. There are a lot of background informations but also practical tips. Thank you dear Christiane and thank you to all who participated at this course!


    I am in awe with the information that Dr Northup has provided. Fortunately this came to me at the very end of my process of leaving the Vampire after 32 years. This is exactly what I needed to push me forward and not give up. I developed MS 18 years ago, however, thanks to You Can Heal Your Life, I never gave into the MS, and understood from the beginning how I ended up with MS. No mistaking that. I move on May 10th and finally FREEDOM, however, my priority is to reverse the MS at the cellular level. I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL THE INFORMATION THAT HAS BEEN PROVIDED. Divine Love, Bev Maarschalk.


    Thank You


    Dr. Northrup, I cannot thank you enough! This course was powerful and amazing. I listen to you, and the lessons on my commute to and from work. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone who might think they are an empath or highly sensitive person. There is so much knowledge and wisdom in every lesson and the word bonus, doesn't do the interviews at the end justice, they're more than a bonus, they are gifts of intelligence! As an empath, old soul, with the super traits and all, light worker and a coach, as I have been intuitively coaching people my whole life, this just took me to a deeper level and will use it to help so many others. Thank you for being so giving, vulnerable and honest. Kathi

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