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    How can the Mindful Eating Online Course help you ditch dieting for good?

    During this course you’ll learn how to:

    • Stay ahead of the emotions that cause you to make poor food choices, including overeating.
    • Recognize stress eating and steel yourself against your unique stress triggers.
    • Calm cravings and control your impulses to eat, especially around the holidays.
    • Eat for pleasure without overindulging or eating un-healthfully.
    • Set up your kitchen in an impactful way that will immediately change the way you eat.
    • Navigate social eating occasions and respond to food pressures without guilt or regret.
    • Eat for a brighter mood and greater happiness.
    • Manage your weight once and for all.

    Imagine that it’s summer time and you’re invited to a pool party. The day is hot, with temperatures reaching 85 degrees. A lively game of volley ball is going on in the pool, and the splashing water feels cool on your skin. There is music playing, people laughing and kids doing cannon balls. Against a wall is a table completely filled with delicious appetizers, including a salty, spicy pile of cheese nachos, savory mini meatballs, gooey chocolate-chip cookies, deviled eggs, and fried jalapeño peppers. The grill is warming up in the background, and the aromas of smoky burgers fills the air.

    What emotions come up when you picture this setting? Are you excited to get in your bathing suit and join the friendly competition of pool volley ball? Or are you anxious to be outside because you don’t want to succumb to the food table and overindulge?

    But now, imagine what it would feel like if you could confidently join in the festivities of the warm summer days, not tempted by all the enticing food or sidelined by hunger. What if you could stop struggling with food for good and feel peacefully in control, eating only what satisfies you?

    You can—simply by learning the principles of mindful eating!

    Mindful eating is an easy, useful, practical skill that you can use each and every day. When you learn how to eat mindfully, using intention and attention, you can eat the foods you love without feeling guilty. Instead of struggling around food, you can enjoy a peaceful relationship with your plate. You don’t have to dread social events because they may derail your efforts. And you don’t have to make a big effort to eat healthfully or lose weight, because it will happen naturally. With mindful eating you can enjoy eating again like when you were a kid—guilt-free and with pleasure!

    New York Times best-selling author Dr. Susan Albers is here to change the way you think about food with a groundbreaking approach to eating that will let you ditch dieting and emotional eating for good. Featured on NPR and the Wall Street Journal as well as many top TV shows and health magazines, Susan—known as “The Mindful Eating Doctor”—has revolutionized the food and diet world with a proven system. The Mindful Eating Online Course is an in-depth program to help you learn the principles of mindful eating so you can say good-bye to emotional eating and drop the tug-of-war rope between you and food.

    Packed with powerful, pragmatic, and proven tools, this course will help you stop stress eating, overeating, or comfort eating—and you won’t feel hungry or think about food all day long. Dr. Susan understands that juggling your day-to-day life—work, family, relationships, errands—is demanding enough. The tools she’ll teach you in this course can effortlessly be incorporated into your day without adding more to the balancing act. 

    Course Expert

    Dr. Susan Albers

    Susan Albers, Psy.D., is a New York Times best-selling author and a clinical psychologist at the ...

    What You'll Learn


    In this lesson, Susan teaches you about “Eat.Q.”—a concept that merges cutting-edge research on emotional intelligence, emotional eating, and mindfulness—and shows you how to raise your grade. She explains the importance of focusing on how to eat rather than what you eat. You’ll learn:

    • What emotional intelligence is, and how to tap into it to forever change your eating habits
    • How to stay ahead of the moods and emotions that cause you to make unhealthy food choices
    • Simple tips and exercises to beat cravings, avoid mindless eating habits, and make better food decisions
    • Four specific tools to calm your mind and tone down your emotional response to food

    Lesson 2: THE HOW OF EATING

    After learning about Eat.Q., emotional intelligence, and mindful eating, you’ll dive into the nuances of eating in everyday life—from how to eat in social situations to how to stock a high Eat.Q. kitchen. In this lesson you will:

    • Cover the practical matters of eating, including the impact of eating alone and eating around other people
    • Learn exactly how to responds to food pressures and social eating influences—including the “helpers” and “hinders” in your life!
    • Get simple tricks to slow down your eating and create better portion control
    • Discover how making smart shifts in your kitchen set-up can powerfully change the way you eat


    It’s OK to eat the foods you love—as long as you do so mindfully! Here, Susan shares how you can healthfully enjoy your grandma’s chocolate- chip cookies or that salty, cheesy pile of nachos while showing you how to crush cravings and curb impulse eating. You’ll learn:

    • All about the psychology of food, including how to outwit tempting restaurant menus
    • How to tap the power of visuals and subconscious signals to avoid impulsive eating
    • 10 powerful tools to help you eat smart around even the most tasty and tantalizing foods
    • Critical tips for calming cravings around the holidays
    • The Mindful Bite exercise, which will teaches you how to eat for pleasure in a satisfying way without overindulging

    Lesson 4: STRESS EATING

    In order to maintain a healthy relationship with food, it’s critical to create a plan to deal with stress in your daily life so that it doesn’t sabotage your efforts. In this final lesson, Susan helps you boost your resistance to stress eating by recognizing your unique stress triggers and coping mechanisms. You’ll discover:

    • How to get a handle on the triggers that make you vulnerable to eating and create a plan to deal with stress in your life
    • 3 powerful meditation techniques to steel yourself against anxiety
    • 4 in-the-moment practices to calm your mind and bring you back to the present moment
    • New ways to soothe yourself without food—including how to create your very own “self-soothing kit”
    • The best foods you can eat to guard against stress and brilliantly brighten your mood—and yes, chocolate is on the list!

    Bonus: Tips & Techniques for Mindful Eating


    • Live Webinar with Dr. Albers
    • Tips & techniques for Mindful Eating every day
    • 5 helpful meditations
    • 4 PDF worksheets

    Mindful Eating - In Course Webinar: Live Webinar with Dr. Susan Albers

    This in-course webinar allows you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Dr. Susan Albers and to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. The LIVE webinar is only being offered within the course and is a rare chance to speak with Susan to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.