Kayla Bauer

Kayla Bauer
Kayla Bauer is an author, charity worker, award-winning PR professional, former television journalist and radio newsreader. In 2012, triggered by a break up, she became overwhelmed by life events, which led to depression and anxiety. Enduring this funk for years, she decided to write her way out of it: all the emotions, opinions, ideas, struggles, psychologist appointments, doctor tips and personal inspiration. Those elements became Life in L Plates.

Kayla now lives on a farm with her husband, one calf named Rexy, a beautiful German Shepherd Marley, two little lambs, six goats, eight cattle dogs, seven horses and about a thousand of cows.

She lives and loves simply. But most importantly, she knows that every single day she – like everyone else – is still a learner, still trying and still (proudly) living life in L plates.

Website: www.itskaylabauer.com

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