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    Course Description

    Are you looking for a career that can make an enormous, positive difference in the lives of others? Become a Gatekeeper! This intensive online certification course gives you the tools that you need to become an excellent Gateway Dreaming™ Coach as well as to lead Gateway Dreaming™ Circles and Study Groups.

    In seven interactive online lessons, renowned healer, author, and dream expert Denise Linn will share her wealth of expertise about tapping into the power of dreams and setting up your own successful practice. You'll learn how to assist your clients to discern the inner messages that come through their nightly dreams that can deeply empower every aspect of their lives.

    In this thorough 28-week course you will:

    • Learn what dreams are (from the viewpoints of scientists, psychologists, shamans, and mystics).
    • Understand how to recall dreams.
    • Discover what you can use to aid the dream state, such as special stones, essential oils, herbs, bells, and symbols.
    • Learn feng shui and space-clearing secrets to promote dreaming.
    • Develop the skill of astral travel and lucid dreaming.
    • Use dreams to connect with your angels, animal totems, and master guides.
    • Connect with loved ones who have passed on.
    • Have prophetic dreams and know if your dream is a true "seeing."
    • Gain mystical messages.
    • Activate special talents and abilities.
    • Use your dreams to overcome fears and phobias.
    • Activate your Dream Shield and meet your Dream Guide.
    • Learn sacred dream ceremonies.
    • Learn the most common dreams and their meanings.
    • Bell clearing techniques for deepening dreams.
    • Become a night healer.

    You will also discover how to incubate and program dreams for:

    • Past-life exploration
    • Healing yourself and others
    • Far-viewing
    • Manifesting your desires
    • Shapeshifting
    • Earth healing
    • Chakra balancing
    • Finding a soul mate in your dream state before meeting in person

    And Denise will teach you how to decipher the meanings of dreams with several tools.

    You’ll learn:
    • How to use oracle cards for dream interpretation.
    • The mystical use of a dream journal.
    • The art of gestalting a dream.
    • The power of "drawing" the dream.
    • Ways to create and use a dream dictionary.
    • Free association.
    • The Replay Method.
    • Moon cycles and seasons and their impact on dreams.
    • The special meanings of colors.
    • The meaning of numbers.
    • Ancient Chinese Clock Dream Interpretation.

    Denise will also share her special expertise as a world-renowned coach and workshop leader and help you build your own successful Professional Gateway Dreaming™ Practice.

    You’ll learn:
    • How to open the Dream Gateway for others.
    • Special techniques for working with clients one-on-one.
    • How to set up your Gateway Dreaming™ Study Groups, session by session.
    • How to build your Gateway Dreaming™ practice and get your message into the world.
    • How to create Online Gateway Dreaming™ Study Groups.
    • Ways to incorporate sacred feng shui principles to set up your room for successful meetings.
    • Ways to teach your students to integrate the messages they receive into their lives.
    • How to train your students to become Night Healers.
    • Techniques for doing Dream Collages with your students.
    • Special techniques for giving lectures about dreaming.

    Here’s what you receive as a participant in this special course:
    • Seven Online Coourses.
    • 29 weekly mp3 Dream Journey Meditations to open your Dream Gates.

    Upon successful fulfillment of the course requirements, you’ll be awarded with a beautiful, professional certificate, which is energized, signed, and mailed to you by Denise. You’ll also receive a special Gateway Dreaming™ icon for your website to let visitors know that you’re a certified Gateway Dreaming™ Coach.

    Required reading:
    The Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn is your textbook for this certification course. Please acquire this before beginning the lessons. Buy Now from HayHouse.com!

    Highly Suggested:
    It's also highly suggested that you obtain the Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn to use for oracle card dream interpretation, but it's not absolutely required.

    Suggested reading in conjunction with this course:
    Past Lives, Present Miracles by Denise Linn
    Space Clearing A-Z by Denise Linn
    Feng Shui for the Soul by Denise Linn
    Four Acts of Personal Power by Denise Linn
    Buy all four from HayHouse.com!

    Here are the course certificate requirements:
    • Listen to all seven lessons
    • Lead one practice Gateway Dreaming™ Study Group (with at least four people and a minimum four sessions)
    • Conduct three practice one-on-one Gateway Dreaming™ sessions
    • Interpret seven of your own dreams to your satisfaction
    • Sign a licensing and ethics agreement

    For details on how to sign onto the Gateway Dreaming website with the special Dream Journey meditations, please tune into the very beginning of lesson 1. We include an audio clip with the website address and password at the very start.

    Course Expert

    Denise Linn

    Denise Linn’s personal journey began as a result of a near-death experience at age 17. Her ...

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Gateway Dreaming™ and Opening the Dream Gates:

    Join Denise for this first lesson to learn what scientists, psychologists, ancient and indigenous cultures, and mystics say about dreams. Denise also talks about recalling and recording your dreams, creating a dream journal, and gathering the keys to open the mystic gateway.

    Lesson 2: Dream Weavers: Incubating Your Dreams

    In this fascinating lesson, Denise talks about several potent dream aids, including stones, essential oils, dream pillows, herbs, symbols, Chinese clock, tones, moon water, feng shui, and space clearing. She also teaches you about creating a dream altar, programming your dreams, incubating your dreams, shape-shifting, and lucid dreaming.

    Lesson 3: Dream Makers: Visionary and Past Life Dreams

    In this lesson with Denise, you’ll learn about dream gazing, dreams for "seeing," and prophetic dreams. Denise also teaches you how to tell if a dream is a true "seeing," and talks about dreams of those that have passed on and past-life recall in your dreams.

    Lesson 4: Dream Workers: Night Healing and Astral Traveling

    Learn how to astral travel, the art of dream healing, and how to become a Night Healer! Denise also talks about love and sex in the dream state, finding a beloved in your dreams before you physically meet, communal dreams (how to dream-share), children and dreams, and nightmares. You’ll also learn how to activate talents and abilities.

    Lesson 5: Dream Meanings: How to Discern the Meaning of a Dream

    In this lesson, Denise will teach you special techniques for deciphering the meaning of dreams. You’ll learn how your Dream Guide can help you, gestalt the dream, draw your dream, free association, what would you tell a "Martian", complete the plot, and act it out. You’ll also learn about dream dictionaries, seasons, colors, ancient Chinese clock, numbers, animals, and moon phases.

    Lesson 6: Gatekeepers: How to Work with Your Clients and Students

    Join Denise as she helps you bring your Gateway Dreaming™ skills to others. Learn how to successfully work one-on one, how to assist your clients how to: find their dream guide and dream shield, use oracle cards with dreams, create dream collages, and set up your sacred Gateway Dreaming circles.

    Lesson 7: Keys to Open the Gateways: Getting Your Message into the World

    In this final live lesson, Denise teaches you how to get your message to the world! Learn about creating a successful business, setting your seminars up, making a difference in the lives of your clients, using social networking to spread the word, increasing your prosperity as a dream coach, and what steps to take to get started!

    Q & A RECORDING: Recorded Q & A sessions with Denise Linn

    Course Review with Pre-Recorded Q & A with Denise Linn and others.


    wanda This is So Awesome. The Gift of this course has changed this life. It is only from above. And has and is moving everything along. Thanks for confirmation Angels/Guides.