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    Become conscious in your dreams and transform your waking reality

    Becoming conscious in our dreams can absolutely transform our waking reality in ways you may not have thought possible.

    Lucid dreams have transformed aspects of so many people's lives – why not learn how to make the most of all that time you spend sleeping?

    This exclusive online course includes:

    • Six video lessons with Charlie Morley
    • Downloadable audio meditations
    • Your own dream diary & dream planner to track your dreams and set your goals
    • Case studies and resources to learn more
    • Exercises and worksheets

    Throw open the doors of perception and wake up to your true potential!

    We’re offering an accessible and very practical course with lucid dreaming teacher Charlie Morley, full of powerful tools and techniques, including the step-by-step formula that he has developed to enable you to get lucid in your dreams. Transform your night-time into an opportunity to work with your unconscious mind so that you can ask questions, resolve issues, set intentions and heal past traumas. When you start to work with lucid dreaming the possibilities are endless, and the benefits will reach into every corner of your life.

    Charlie will take you through the techniques he uses in his own lucid dreaming practice, and guide you on how to overcome any blocks you may encounter. He will also share fascinating real-life stories of people just like you who have used his techniques with life-changing results. Remember, lucid dreaming is for everyone, regardless of your age or ability!

    During the six-lesson course, you'll learn how to:

    • Remember your dreams when you wake up
    • Recognise the landscape of your dreams
    • Identify when you're dreaming
    • Slip effortlessly into the lucid dream state
    • Choreograph your dream experience
    • Write a dream plan to bring growth and healing to your life

    "Lucid dreaming shows us how to make friends with illusion while we sleep,
    so that we can be free from illusion when we wake."
    Charlie Morley

    Course Expert

    Charlie Morley

    At the age of 25, Buddhist lucid-dreaming teacher Charlie Morley was asked to teach by renowned mindfulness instructor Rob Nairn, who describes him as the most authentic practitioner of lucid-dreaming teaching in Europe. Charlie went on to receive the traditional;authorization to teach from Tibetan meditation master Lama Yeshe Rinpoche.

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Remembering Your Dreams

    It's easy and fun to work on remembering more of your dreams. In this lesson you will learn great techniques for remembering dreams, setting a dream intent and then documenting the dream effectively, using a dream diary. By becoming more aware of what you have dreamt you will learn to dream consciously and start lucid dreaming.

    Lesson 2: Recognizing Your Dreamscape

    There is a whole unknown territory within your dreams and you will learn to enjoy exploring the world you visit whilst sleeping. Discover how to fall asleep consciously and recognize the signs and landmarks of your dreamscape. You will soon know great ways to work out whether you are dreaming and recognize that you are conscious within a dream.

    Lesson 3: How to Tell Dreams from Reality

    It is vital within the dream world to learn to focus on all the details and signs that you see around you. By looking closely and paying attention to detail, we can train ourselves to recognize the signs that will wake us into a lucid dream state. Learn how to use reality tests within the dream.

    Lesson 4: The Lucidity Spectrum

    There are so many possibilities within the dream state to change our lives and bring healing and transformation. Here you will learn about the lucidity spectrum and explore powerful lucid dreaming techniques. Once you understand what is possible at each level of lucidity, you can choreograph your experiences at will.

    Lesson 5: Falling Asleep Consciously

    Learn the Falling Asleep Consciously technique. This is a really powerful method that allows you direct entry to the dream without any blackout stage as you slip into sleep. It can be important to be able to maintain the lucid state once you have reached that awareness and so it's great to have methods to stay lucid.

    Lesson 6: Writing Your Dream Plan

    Once you have used this course to become lucid, you can plan exactly what you would like to experience in the lucid state, whilst in the waking state. Would you like to find a job that makes you more fulfilled, reduce your stress levels or meet a relative that has passed? Learn how to write a dream plan to enable you to bring about the growth and healing you desire for yourself or the benefit of others. Anything is possible!

    Lesson 7: Course Conclusion

    In this course you’ve learned the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of lucid dreaming. As the course comes to an end, reflect on the ‘why’ – remembering all the amazing benefits that lucid dreaming offers will help you to remain motivated to stay on track with your practice. Revising the important foundational steps and delving deeper into your dreams will bring with it inspiration for continuing your journey.

    What Students are Saying about this course


    Thank you, Charlie. I appreciate your help toward finding lucidity in my dreams. Still working on it, but I remain positive and look forward to using lucid dreaming to positively improve my health. Namaste'


    Very powerful! Thank you for this gift!!

    Marigold S.

    You are such a warm and engaging coach Charlie.

    Devika S.

    You really nailed the truth.

    Natalie O.

    2 days in a row I actually was aware in my dreams!

    Jagica B.

    I am enjoying the new practice and needless to say, it works.

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