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    Using the I Am Light Principles


    Course Description

    Discovering and Living from Your Impersonal Self

    with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, Immaculée Ilibagiza and Scarlet Lewis

    Join Dr. Wayne Dyer in this engaging online video course as he teaches YOU how to fulfill YOUR true life’s purpose. With Special Guests and empowering spiritual teachers Anita Moorjani, Immaculée Ilibagiza and Scarlett Lewis.

    Are You Living from Your Ego or Your True Divine Essence?

    Every one of us has both a personal self as well as an impersonal aspect to our being. Your personal self, or your personality, is being directed at all times by your mind and your five senses. Your impersonal self, that infinite intelligence within, is being directed by something far greater than you can imagine. When you connect to your impersonal self, the answers you seek come and your life purpose unfolds naturally and easily. This impersonal self is NOT your intellect and body. It is the invisible intelligence that animates all of life. It is responsible for all of your desires. It allows your fingernails to grow, your heart to beat, and it is the life force that supports all of life everywhere.  

    The lessons in this online course will assist you in fulfilling your one true purpose for being here. Those burning desires that you know and feel have nothing to do with your ego/personality. YOU ARE LIGHT and those burning desires you feel are there for you to connect to this Light. Come join and allow yourself to experience your true essence of the divine spark that lies within and fulfill your true purpose.

    In order to awaken to this infinite intelligence, you must get away from the consciousness of your body and intellect, which have long held you enslaved. You can and will learn to feel your infinite impersonal self within and come to know and rely upon it at all times. "From the perspective of the infinite, it is obvious that the individual self ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT EXIST." This is a truth that the personality, with its ever dominating ego presence cannot and will not tolerate.

    Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose &
    Discovering Your Infinite Light Only!

    • Hear powerful spiritual lessons and personal stories from Dr. Wayne Dyer
    • Release limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors
    • Discover why it’s important to listen to and be willing to follow your inner calling
    • Live in the Light of who you really are for more joy, peace and purpose

    Course Expert

    Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Affectionately called the “father of motivation” by his fans, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer was an internationally renowned author, speaker, and pioneer in the field of self-development. Over the four decades of his career, he wrote more than 40 books (21 of which became New York Times bestsellers), created numerous audio programs and videos, and appeared on thousands of television and radio shows. His books Manifest Your Destiny, Wisdom of the Ages, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, and the New York Times bestsellers 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace, The Power of Intention, Inspiration, Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life, Excuses Begone!, Wishes Fulfilled, and I Can See Clearly Now were all featured as National Public Television specials.

    Wayne held a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University, was an associate professor at St. John’s University in New York, and honored a lifetime commitment to learning and finding the Higher Self. In 2015, he left his body, returning to Infinite Source to embark on his next adventure. 

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    Are You Living from Your Ego or Your True Divine Essence?

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Tap into the Infinite Intelligence within You

    “We are light—each and every one of us…and we live in a universe that has no beginning and no end,” Wayne Dyer says. And in this opening lesson, he orients you in the vastness of the universe and helps you become aware that you are a piece of it—a being of light. He then dives into discussing the invisible, infinite intelligence that orchestrates all of life and encourages you to begin to open your “doors of perception” to your own infinite nature. 

    Lesson 2: Become One with the Creative Source of Everything

    In this lesson, Wayne introduces you to the concept of your impersonal self, or the divine intelligence that resides within you and surrounds us all the time. By tapping in to a space of silence and repeating this mantra—“Be still, and know that I am God”—you will be able to make conscious contact with this divine intelligence, the creative source of everything. This powerful lesson leads up to and culminates with a profound meditation to do just that.

    Lesson 3: Fear vs. Love with Anita Moorjani

    In Lessons 1 and 2, Wayne talked about author Anita Moorjani, whose near-death experience profoundly affected him and led to a best-selling book about her incredible account. In this lesson, you’ll meet Anita as she takes the stage and candidly shares her near-death experience—and what she came to know after crossing over to the other side. Her enlightening account of dying, coming back, and healing will further help you open your doors of perception to the infinite, understand who you really are, and leave you with a sense of restored hope and renewed peace.

    Lesson 4: Divine Love Knows No Judgment

    In this enlightening lesson, Dyer teaches that you CAN have the meaningful life you were meant to live. He shows you how you can shift to a place where you trust your intuition more fully – opening the doors to higher awareness.

    In Lesson Four:

    • Understanding divine love.
    • How your choices can shape your reality.

    Lesson 5: The Incredible Lightness of Being

    “The ideal of the soul is space, immensity,” Wayne says. “The one thing it needs is to be free to expand…and embrace the infinite.” In this enlightening lesson, you’ll see your impersonal self even more clearly as Wayne guides you to understand your own soul—and how all it wants from you is to allow it to grow. He teaches you that when you recognize the light inside you and see only love, even in the darkest of situations, your life will inexplicably transform to the miraculous. Anita Moorjani also takes the stage once more to lead you through the I AM LIGHT meditation, which will align you with the light within.

    Lesson 6: The Healing Power of Forgiveness with Immaculée Ilibagiza & Scarlett Lewis

    In Lesson 6, you’ll join Wayne at another one of his lectures, this time where he hosted two special guests—Immaculée Ilibagiza and Scarlett Lewis—to tell their incredible stories of tragedy, triumph, and forgiveness. Immaculée, a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide, and Scarlett, a mother who lost her son in the Newtown school massacre, share their harrowing and tearful accounts that will inspire you to choose love instead of hate and understand forgiveness as the most healing power of all.

    Lesson 7: Become a Being of Light: Wayne Dyer’s Last Recorded Lecture

    “All it takes is an instant—one moment to turn your life around,” Wayne says. And in his last recorded lecture, filmed in Australia, he imparts some of the most meaningful wisdom collected throughout his life, including how your beliefs affect every aspect of your life, living from a place of radical well-being, and the “five aphorisms” of how to know God. Above all, you’ll learn that when you make the conscious decision to come from a place of love instead of fear, you will become a being of light—and you will, unequivocally, manifest your soul’s purpose.

    Bonus Gift #1: Passion and Purpose: A Q&A with Wayne Dyer and Anita Moorjani

    Join Wayne and Anita as they answer a variety of questions from a live audience about money, passion, authenticity and self-expression, the purpose of life, and more.

    Bonus Gift #2: Lives of Purpose

    In this special bonus, Wayne shares the stage with a panel of seven incredible women who tell their astonishing stories of healing and forgiveness, angels and synchronicities, and how our loved ones are all around us.

    Bonus Gift #3: Modern Wisdom from the Ancient World

    Join Wayne Dyer for an incredible historical journey through the Mediterranean. Throughout this spiritual pilgrimage, you’ll stop at some of the world’s most breathtaking ports—Rome and Naples in Italy; Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos in Greece; and Istanbul and Ephesus in Turkey—and be treated to captivating, enlightening lectures by “the Father of Inspiration” as he speaks at a number of remarkable locations, including the house of the Virgin Mary.

    Bonus Gift #4: Experiencing the Miraculous

    Prepare to be transported to the farthest corners of the earth on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, transformation, and divine inspiration. In this video series, you’ll travel to three of the world’s most sacred sites—Assisi in Italy, Lourdes in France, and Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina—and visit places where saints once walked and where miracles occurred. In intimate and emotional lectures, Wayne Dyer shares his thoughts on the miracles revealed along the way, what truly makes us divine in the eyes of the creator, and how you too can manifest the miraculous in your life.

    In the first free video in the series, you’ll learn:

    • Who you really are and why you are here
    • Why you are always being divinely guided by the infinite intelligence within
    • How to hear, listen and follow your inner calling

    Free exclusive bonus gifts included

    Modern Wisdom from the Ancient World Online Video

    Join Dr. Wayne W. Dyer for an incredible historical journey! You’ll experience some of the most profound lectures at some of the world’s most breathtaking ports: Rome and Naples in Italy; Athens, Santorini and Mykonos in Greece; and Istanbul and Ephaseus in Turkey.

    We captured this live pilgrimage, which cost over $10,000 to attend in person, for all to experience the magic of the Mediterranean. You’ll enjoy some very moving moments with Dr. Dyer, as he speaks in some of the most remarkable locations, such as the House of the Virgin Mary. This 7-lesson video series ensures that you get to learn & experience from this ‘once in a lifetime’ trip with the ‘Father of Inspiration’.

    Experiencing the Miraculous Online Video

    Join celebrated spiritual teacher Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and embark on a miraculous journey of self-discovery, transformation and divine inspiration.

    This unique and powerful video lecture series will transport you to the furthest corners of the earth to visit sacred sites where saints once walked, and where miraculous events that changed the foundations of our spirituality took place. In three of the world's most sacred sites and in some of his most intimate and emotional lectures, Wayne Dyer shares his thoughts regarding the amazing and magnificent miracles witnessed there and on what truly makes us all divine in the eyes of the creator and how you too can manifest the miraculous in your life!

    What Students are Saying about this course


    This is course is like reconnecting with the soul. Just listening to each segment helps me to find my feet again. I cannot recommend it highly enough. God bless Wayne and all the speakers for sharing their wisdom.


    it is about trust in my divine nature, which is named I am that. This is also the name of God, helping and supporting me all the time daylong. I need´t worry about anything.

    Jeanette B.

    I understand every word and emotions in these videos.

    Beth L.

    I am now allowing the wonders of who I am to unwind in front of me.

    Maria S.

    God talks through you! Thank you.


    Thank you, thank you. Tears are rolling down my cheeks.

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