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    Living in abundance is not only an option; it’s natural, even normal, once you understand how this world really works.

    Best of all, you don’t have to be a genius or commit to a lifetime of discipline to live in luxury—just look at some of the people who already do! It’s so achievable that the world is full of accidental millionaires—people who unwittingly stumbled into wealth. They didn’t plan it. They just managed to use their words wisely and kept showing up in ways that didn’t limit the Universe’s ability to shower them with abundance.

    But why take chances on creating wealth, when you can do it deliberately?

    If you think about it, since you were a child, you—like most people—have probably been told exactly the opposite. Things like: You’ve got to work hard for your money. Money doesn’t grow on trees. It takes money to make money. You can either be rich or be happy—not both.

    We’ve been taught, essentially, that making money is a struggle.

    But the truth about money, abundance, and wealth might shock you. Because the “reality” is not that you are poor (or middle class, or in debt, or living paycheck to paycheck) but dream of being wealthy.
    Reality, is that you’re already wealthy—yet you dream that you’re not.

    You see, we live in a world of illusions that bow to our focus, intention, and expectations. If you want something, you can manifest it by knowing what to think, choosing your words wisely, and taking baby steps that help you leverage life’s magic. It’s that simple. You’ve just never been taught how.

    The Matrix offers a straightforward approach that will remarkably guide you—every time, every step of the way, and without compromise—to leverage the Universe and engage life’s magic as you manifest whatever it is that your heart most desires—including a life of wealth and abundance.

    By learning to master the crucial, little-known keys of manifestation, and following up with wisely chosen baby steps, you can open the gates to fortune and plenty.

    Throughout this unforgettable 3-hour journey, Mike will teach you secrets that will shift your energy and redirect your focus, giving you many trusted tools of manifestation for abundance, while helping you avoid the common mistakes that trip most people up. Plus, he’ll give you over 100 examples of ways to metaphysically stir the financial pot!

    He’ll show you exactly how to “play the Matrix” in order to attract a life of greater wealth and abundance, including…

    …what to focus on and what never to focus on

    …how to take specific action while not limiting your options

    …finding happiness without money, so that you can attract money faster

    …the importance of being yourself and taking action on your terms

    …understanding the spiritual side of wealth accumulation

    And so much more. This life-changing journey with Mike as your personal coach and champion can be your key to a life of greater abundance—however you choose to define it.


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    During this online course, you’ll learn how to:

    • Bypass the most common blocks and misconceptions concerning money and wealth.
    • Define what you truly want in terms of an abundant life to hasten its manifestation.
    • Take immediate action on your lifestyle dreams—even if you have no idea where to start.
    • Expedite your manifestations with three targeted, tried-and-true strategies

    As well as how to…

    • Demonstrate, prepare, and act “as if” you’ve already achieved fortune and wealth, becoming a lightning rod for so-called miracles and serendipities.
    • Practically use the Matrix to manifest and create change in any other area of your life.
    • Release yourself from the past, anchor yourself in the present, and begin shaping the life of your dreams.

    "Divine Intelligence has dreamed of far more for you than you have dreamed for yourself."

    — Mike Dooley

    Course Expert

    Mike Dooley

    Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author, metaphysical teacher, and creator of the wildly popular “Notes from the Universe” whose acclaimed books—including Life on Earth: Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here, and What May Lie Ahead; Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic; and Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams—have been published worldwide in 25 languages. He was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon The Secret and is the founder of the philosophical Adventurers Club that’s now home to over 750,000 online members. Mike lives what he teaches, inspiring audiences the world over, so far in 132 cities, in 34 countries, on 6 continents.

    "Your wish…is the entire Universe’s command."

    — Mike Dooley

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Playing the Matrix Anchor: Learning the Basics

    In this lesson, Mike Dooley introduces you to the Matrix—a straightforward program that offers a big-picture approach to creating change—and guides you in designing the very life of your dreams. Whether you’re a newcomer to the Matrix or a veteran student of Mike’s, you’ll come away with a remarkably clear understanding of not only the three immutable laws of the Matrix but also all the subtleties and nuances of manifestation that can trip you up along the way. Whether your goal is to feel greater happiness every day, have more than enough wealth, or achieve radiant health (or all the above!), your wish is the Universe’s command when you know the steps to take.  

    Lesson 2: Playing the Matrix for Wealth & Abundance
    Lesson includes

    In this lesson, Mike targets how to play the Matrix in order to move yourself into a life that includes financial abundance. You’ll hear Mike’s personal story of how he went from “fear to fortune,” and he’ll bust common misconceptions about wealth and abundance that might be keeping you blocked. From there, Mike guides you to install new, empowering beliefs; define and supercharge your end result; dig into the details with raw emotion; and take action to stir up life’s magic in the direction of your dreams. As a special bonus, you’ll learn how to expedite your manifestations with targeted, tried-and-true strategies and receive a coveted recommended reading list in your workbook to aid you on your journey.

    Bonus: Previously Recorded In-Course Webinar with Mike Dooley

    Previously Recorded In-Course Webinar with Mike Dooley

    What Students are Saying about this course


    WHOOOOOO!!! MIKE DOOLEY , IS THE UNIVERSE!!! This course will, is , should , BLOW the MIND of every person , who every thought , they needed to be someone other than who they are , RIGHT NOW!!!!


    I cannot thank you enough for helping bring the magic back into my life! I had recently hit a wall with my impatience creating panic and fear finding it increasingly difficult to trust in the process but I was led to buy "Playing the Matrix" as well as sign up for Notes from the Universe and it's been such a turning point. Reading the book my spirits have lifted and I have a new found determination to start fresh and stop micromanaging my life. My surprise was complete when I was then gifted this amazing course because I had purchased the book! This course is well presented and the sense of humour that Mike brings to it is the icing on the cake. It reinforced everything I have learnt from the book while expanding on it and I'm back playing this amazing game of life with the joy I had misplaced for a time.


    Love all the guidance that Mike gives us in these 2 courses. Thank you Mike and Thank you Universe For all !!!!

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