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    5 stars by wendy

    Thank you, thank you, so very much for this wealth of information and inspiration. I've never known where to start. I've been ploughing thru sessions when I can. I woke at 4 am this morning and the penny had dropped .......the starting sentence. Which then resulted in hours of writing and pages just flowing. Well worth the money ...so much info' thanks Louise and Reid and all the writers for your heart felt help.

    (Posted on 7/2/18)

    Writers Workshop by deborah.a.filler@gmail.com

    Most grateful and appreciative for this intro to writers workshop. I thank each speaker for their honest and heart felt sharing. The value I received is priceless!

    (Posted on 4/2/18)

    Writers Workshop by Ana

    Good intro to the course. It is an overview from various authors, each with a message, a tip, a story, on the ups and downs of the writing process and of how a writer eventually reveals himself in his writings. There are many possibilities in the writing world. The reader is left with many choices and challenges as well as encouragement. Cheers!

    (Posted on 4/2/18)

    Writers Workshop by Wendy

    Loved the introductions in our first week. I couldn't stop listening to all these varied, wonderful, impactual personal stories. " Yes, I can do this" is now my battle cry. Thank-You!

    (Posted on 7/18/17)

    Writers Workshop by Naomi

    Thank you Hay House Team for this phenomenal course! I've loved every moment of watching the inspiring, enlightening and thought-provoking videos, as well as listening to the webinars. It's a privilege and pleasure to be privy to the insight and experience shared by such exceptional speakers and authors, many of whose work I have followed for many years. I am also sincerely grateful for the special opportunity to submit my book proposal for your consideration, and for the invaluable guidance and resources that you have provided to assist with this. Heartfelt thanks again for everything! Naomi

    (Posted on 1/19/17)

    Writers Workshop by Margaret

    The introduction is grounding, awakening, reassuring, inspiring and motivating. I feel less fear and know I can do this! Thanks for bringing it into our space for busy people like me to have access to this great course.

    (Posted on 11/14/16)

    Writers Workshop by Alana

    I am loving this workshop. There is a great mix of inspiration and practical tips. The short format of each video allows me to come and go from the course without forgetting where I left off. It has provided me with so much direction for my book!! I know I will watch the videos over and over too, which you can't really do with a live event.

    (Posted on 9/6/16)

    Writers Workshop by Tara

    Wow! What a jammed packed course full of everything you need to get your book published! I loved the speaker in this course, especially Gabby Bernstein, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Kris Carr and Marianne Williamson. You can take this course at your own way and pace which is nice. You can always go back and reference courses. Highly recommend.

    (Posted on 8/11/16)

    You make everything so simple by Fawn O.

    You make everything so simple, honest and straight forward.

    (Posted on 6/9/16)

    Writers Workshop by Sipra R.

    Very practical and wise and inspirational instruction.

    (Posted on 6/9/16)

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    What Will You Gain From the
    Writer's Workshop?

    • The number one most important thing you should consider when writing a book
    • How to avoid common mistakes when writing your book
    • Author vs. writer - when you need help
    • When to self-publish vs. when to find a publisher

    Everything You Need to Know to Become a Successful Published Author

    During this time with the Writer's Workshop, you’ll learn:

    • How to get your book written even if you are not a great writer
    • How to find an editor and what you should look for when choosing
    • How to find the right agent and get published

    Free exclusive bonus gifts included

    Your ONLY Chance to Win an Advance and a Publishing Contract with Hay House!

    After registering for the Writer’s Workshop Online Course, you will be able to submit a book proposal and have the rare opportunity to be selected for one the following prizes:

    • 1st Place:  $10,000 advance and a publishing contract with Hay House!
    • 2nd Place:  Balboa Press  Master Package ($8,149 publishing value) 
    • 3rd Place:  Balboa Press  Inspire Package ($3,699 publishing value)

    Writing From Your Soul Online Course

    With Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

    Exclusive to Writer's Workshop!

    Be among the first to take this inspiring 5-lesson course from world-renowned author and spiritual teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Wayne was a prolific writer and believed writing is a calling from the soul. While most other writing courses teach the practice of writing, the Writing From Your Soul Online Course provides a deeper level of study. 

    Using stories from his own life, Wayne teaches you how to tap into the infinite consciousness of which we are all a part in order to let your soul expand through the written word. He also sheds light on the important aspects of marketing and publishing with integrity. If you’re like Wayne, and you must write, join him for this enlightening and entertaining course created just for writers!

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