Playing the Matrix Online Course

    And Getting What You (Really) Want

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    Fun - inspiring - effective by Bringing Wisdom to the Market Place

    I just love it - baby steps, following your heart's desires and lean in! Learn to trust into the workings of the Universe and be positively surprised.
    Enjoy, have fun and the occassional giggle.

    (Posted on 4/10/18)

    Mike Dooley's Playing The Matrix and Getting What You (Really) Want by Analeise

    This course is full of insight, deliberately and playfully delivered, and paced in a manner that I am digesting it. Thank you!

    (Posted on 10/24/16)

    Mike Dooley's Playing The Matrix and Getting What You (Really) Want by Carmen

    What a great way to learn and/or review knowledge and sense of being. I love the way Mike Dooley makes comparisons that helps us understand his message. Looking forward to the next lessons!

    (Posted on 10/24/16)

    Mike Dooley's Playing The Matrix and Getting What You (Really) Want by Carol

    I'm thinking that by the end of this program, I'll be deciding everything life presents. Time to get myself a wand!!! Thanks Mike.

    (Posted on 10/24/16)

    Mike Dooley's Playing The Matrix and Getting What You (Really) Want by Carol A

    I've always thoroughly enjoyed Mike Dooley's Notes from the Universe and am so glad to see him presenting this is such a typically clear and funny way. I do believe it is going to help me make changes.

    (Posted on 8/1/16)

    Mike Dooley's Playing The Matrix and Getting What You (Really) Want by Katrine

    Great program. Not finished yet, but very enlightening.

    (Posted on 7/11/16)

    Playing The Matrix by Barbara

    Thank you for your spot-on, tell it like IT IS, the real-deal In-Sights.

    (Posted on 6/9/16)

    Playing The Matrix by Rita

    Very uplifting a new, fresh and clear route to a destiny.

    (Posted on 6/9/16)

    Playing The Matrix by Charlotte C.

    I am very grateful for all the possibilities you present that are endless and attainable as sparks of God/Universe.

    (Posted on 5/19/16)

    Playing The Matrix by Cynthia

    This came at a perfect time as I am re-visioning my BIG dreams and creating my new experiences in life.

    (Posted on 5/19/16)

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    This Exclusive 6-Week Online Video Course Includes:

    • 6 Engaging Video Lessons with Mike Dooley
    • 2 Bonus Audio Downloads
    • Facebook Group for Connecting with Deliberate Creators
    • Playing the Matrix Downloadable Workbook
    • 2 Pre-recorded Q&A Sessions with Mike Dooley

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    What’s really holding you back or keeping you from getting what you really want?

    In this transformational online video course, Playing the Matrix, you’ll:

    • Learn how to leverage the Universe in getting everything your heart desires
    • Discover the nature of reality and the truth of your existence, who you really are, and why you are here
    • Master the nuances of manifestation, step-by-step, and tap into your abilities as a natural-born creator
    • Navigate your limiting beliefs without even knowing what they are to create the limitless life you desire

    Bonus Course Materials You’ll Receive for FREE!


    Mike answers the most common questions he’s asked in regards to getting what you want!

    HAPPINESS: The Ultimate End Result

    This recording is about getting your groove on in the here and now, as well as how to manifest spectacular changes in your life by learning exactly what to focus on first—happiness. Mike teaches how to uncover joy in the moment, while at the same time bringing about change in your life. Learning to be happy even though you feel incomplete, are still striving, and have yet to overcome all of your challenges or reach all of your goals. This is life’s ultimate dichotomy, yet through mastering it, all else shall be added unto you.

    ABUNDANCE: 21 Steps to Opening the Floodgates

    Mike blasts to pieces the typical limiting beliefs and false rationale that have historically held people back from amassing wealth. He shares the mechanics involved in creating abundance, including what we must do versus what we must delegate to life's magic. Care and time is given to understanding these basics, because if misunderstood, time and again as we pursue the abundance that is rightfully ours, our efforts will be thwarted. Mike then shares his unique 21 point checklist you can complete today to start you on your way to living a more financially rewarding life!

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