Chakras Made Easy

    How to Work with Your Seven Energy Centres to Transform Your Life

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    Introduction to the Chakras by Christina

    I really enjoyed this online course. I've learnt a lot with the content of information and was well explained by Anodea Judith. Thanks heaps.

    (Posted on 8/16/18)

    Introduction to the Chakras by Erika

    A great course, very informative!

    (Posted on 8/16/18)

    One of my best choices so far! Very practical. by Olga

    I took this course almost a year ago and wasnt expecting much. I knew a lot about chakras already and worked with them in my healing practice. The course was so beautifully structured and rich in detail that it took my breath away from the very beginning. I am facsinated with the approach that we can enchance the functionning of our chakras with simple yoga poses, I tried it and I find that it really works! Anodea is so calm and has such dignity that it is pleasant to learn from her. Thank you!

    (Posted on 12/13/17)

    Introduction to the Chakras by Tuija

    This was such an informative course. I thought I 'knew enough' about Chakras-I learned so much more and now know there is so, so much more. Anodea Judith is soft and well spoken - a pleasure to learn from. Thank you so very much!

    (Posted on 2/22/17)

    Introduction to the Chakras by Ruth

    I found this to be a wonderfully informative course. I am totally new to understanding Chakras and feel I have had a good introduction. Thank you Anodea

    (Posted on 2/22/17)

    Introduction to the Chakras by Cliff

    Enjoyed this very much. I had a very rudimentary understanding of the chakras, but now feel I have a good, solid basis on which to build. Very good. Highly recommend.

    (Posted on 2/22/17)

    Introduction to the Chakras by Silvia

    This course is really great!! The information is well synthesized, the exercises are easily doable and you get to learn from one of the best teachers on chakras that you can find!! It is also great to have the worksheets at the end of each lesson! Thank you Anodea for your great work and for this course!

    (Posted on 2/22/17)

    Dreadful by Jamie

    Im giving it 2 stars because I did learn something new. I found the videos so painfully boring. The exercises are ridiculous. I dont think I can even finish watching it. Its definitely not what I was expecting

    (Posted on 1/31/17)

    Great introduction by Eva

    I purchased this online course few weeks ago. It's easy, fun to do,not too long videos and easy yoga poses. It's show you how to open your hand chakra as well on the beginning . I learn a lot about my problems I have,as I am often ungrounded ,which was actually imprinted on me when I was in my mums womb. I'm grateful for it. Thank you x.
    Very helpful

    (Posted on 11/25/16)

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    How to Work with Your Seven Energy Centres to Transform Your Life

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