Secrets for Living the Life You Want

    A Transformational Program for Creating Happiness, Freedom, and Spiritual Fulfillment

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    Great Course! by Brandy

    There are several ways this course has helped me change my life. This was my first Hayhouse course and it was part of the Wisdom Community membership- SUCH a great value, especially since it really has changed my entire outlook on life.

    The guided meditations helped me uncover the love I buried for my father who passed away 4 years ago. I was so disconnected that I did not grieve before. There is so much more love in my heart now and it feels good. The relationships around me are all improving and Ive experienced that family bond feeling that I did not even know I was missing. Ive also learned hw to trust my own voice. Ok, I really cant say enough about how awesome this course is. Im forever grateful- thank you so much. <3 <3 <3

    (Posted on 4/4/18)

    I love it! Having Barbara De Angelis as your own private teacher by Aviv

    Reading and listening to many of Barbara De Angelis books, I found her wisdom and guidance so important in my life.
    And now - the online course is bringing it to a whole new level!
    This is so amazing, from the comfort of my home - whenever I have time - to see, hear and feel Barbara De Angelis there, having her teaching and guiding me as if I am with her. It is another level of comprehending and deepening the impact of her teachings in my life. I am not sure how Barbara De Angelis is doing it, but her teaching has always touched my heart and life in a way that was very deep and meaningful, and this online course is not different.
    I love being able to watch the online course with my partner: watching together Barbara De Angelis teaching of Love with your loved one makes such a huge impact, and allows us to connect, share of what we felt and learned and deepens our connection.
    I highly recommend this online course by Barbara De Angelis.

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

    Secrets for Living the Life You Want by NINA

    Wonderful wisdom that helps you develop courage to feel, heal, grow, and build the bridge to life you want. Take your journey to the place of truth, let go of things that hold you, make a decision to be in love.

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

    Life changer by LINDA

    77% completed I am loving it. Each lesson gets better and better. I feel shifts happening daily. I seen Barbara in Edmonton Canada about three years ago and she touched my soul. I am looking forward to seeing her again at the U live in Vegas. Take this course it a transformational honest and very authentic. She is a life changer. Its a great course

    (Posted on 1/12/18)

    The techniques and practices are so uplifting and so practical! by Barbara

    If you can’t get to an event to work with Barbara De Angelis in person, this is the next best thing. She pours her heart out in the videos and meditations and offers so much wisdom you won’t find anywhere else. And the techniques and practices she offers, are so uplifting and so practical! I feel like she’s right beside me reminding me of all I hold dear, and showing me the way back to my own love, power and wisdom. I highly recommend this online course!

    (Posted on 12/15/17)

    Highly recommended!! by Anita

    This is the most incredible online course I've ever seen. My partner and I have been studying and listening and just opening to the amazing wisdom and love that Dr. De Angelis offers. Highly recommend

    (Posted on 12/7/17)

    A great way to begin any day AND to see and feel how to make changes from the inside - those that will definitely manifest outside as well! by Justine

    From the first moment I clicked start, Barbara captured my mind and my soul! I feel as if she is in the room with me, sharing her wisdom, her meditations, her techniques. And already I see that they work as this morning I was able to take a deep breath and begin again in a more settled way. I'm excited to continue through each of the sessions! Thanks to Barbara and to Hay House! What a gift.

    (Posted on 9/24/17)

    Fantastic Course! Just What I Needed! by Linda

    I’ve just started watching Barbara’s course this week and it is simply amazing! Barbara presents easily understood concepts and practical tools that we all can use to shift into more happiness and prosperity. Her curriculum is presented in a rich and flowing way that just pulls the listener in. And I feel like she’s talking directly to me! I can’t wait to dive into more and learn how to bring more love and joy into my life. Thank you Barbara and Hay House for this fantastic course! It’s just what I’ve been looking for!

    (Posted on 9/16/17)

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    Online Course Includes:

    • A masterful, step-by-step program for authentic, lasting transformation
    • More than 10 hours of invaluable life-changing videos to help you reconnect to the unlimited power inside you
    • Powerful meditations that guide you to instantly shift into your highest, most awakened self, and open to your own revelations.
    • Practical techniques for healing and expanding your emotional and spiritual heart so you can experience an effortless, unbroken connection with your own Source
    • Downloadable worksheets and exercises to turn what you’re learning into real results
    • Simple practices you can use in your relationships, career, and everywhere to stay clear, conscious, and centered

    “This is your chance for a new beginning. Now, more than ever, our responsibility as conscious beings, sincere seekers, and planetary transformers is to rebirth ourselves over and over again.”

    ~ Dr. Barbara De Angelis


    • You have always felt you’re here for a special purpose, and are ready to remove all the barriers to living as the most powerful you possible
    • You’ve been feeling something more calling to you—more vision, more freedom, more expansion—and want to feel more clear and confident to take your next step
    • You’ve ever asked yourself questions like: “What is my purpose in this life? Why is it that sometimes I am my highest, most loving, wise self, and then other times, I feel lost, disconnected, and confused? Why aren’t I living as the person I’m supposed to be?”
    • You know you aren’t as loving toward others and yourself as you should be and want to learn how to open your heart and experience more happiness and harmony in your relationships
    • You’re ready to stop getting stuck in the same emotional and mental patterns over and over again and get rid of your emotional baggage
    • You’re tired of trying to control everything, and want to trust yourself and the Universe more
    • You’re ready for more power, more joy, and more love!

    Bonus Course Materials You’ll Receive for FREE

    3 LIVE Webinars

    Take part in an exclusive opportunity to interact with Barbara personally, ask questions, and go more in depth with your transformational journey. During each of these live webinars, she will share more guidance for using the exercises, tools and techniques found in the course, and extra information that will support you to stay motivated as you go through the course lessons. She’ll also lead you through some powerful heart-opening guided meditations designed to reconnect you to the source of love and wisdom within you.

    Soul Shifts: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out

    In this entertaining and motivational 90-minute workshop, you’ll discover why true transformation can only happen from the inside out, how you can live your true purpose every day, and learn techniques and practices to help you make instant Soul Shifts. Barbara shares life-changing information, including how to shift beyond “positive thinking” to “positive vibrating,” how to create real vibrational credibility, and how to stop short-circuiting your power and happiness.

    The Choice for Love Audiobook

    This complete audio version of Barbara’s best-selling book The Choice for Love will take you on a deep and moving journey of wisdom, inspiration, and revelation. It also includes many beautiful guided meditations and inner journeys. You’ll learn powerful techniques to help you let go of the past, defrost the walls around your heart, and experience genuine compassion for yourself and others.

    7 Essential Love Practices

    In this inspiring and practical audio, Barbara teaches you that love is not an attitude, and reveals how you can make simple choices every day that will uplift you, motivate you, and help you live the life you deserve. You’ll learn easy-to-practice techniques that really work and receive a useful PDF instructional download.

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