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    Redesigning Your Destiny by Colinda

    This course is really helping me to become the best version of myself

    With all my love,

    (Posted on 12/17/18)

    Redesigning Your Destiny by Jeffrey

    Dr. Joe listening to the first few video and I love it.
    Thank you for your response and for all the work in these video

    (Posted on 12/17/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by Latoya

    I love this meditations series. Dr. Despenza made everything fun to learn. My favorites are the meditations that come with the lessons. I am a bit worried though as the meditation in lesson one seem to no longer be there. I love going back to the basics of the series every so often. Maybe its my network or mabye its something on your end, I just know I want the meditation back. All the meditations are beautifully done and I feel that I benefit form each one differently. I have recommend this series to others.

    (Posted on 4/26/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by Teresa K

    I Love the Designing Your Destiny online course. I took the course while I was reading "Becoming Supernatural - How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon" It was great that the Meditations are included in the course along with information on how to make a Mind Movie and use it with the Kaleidoscope video. This was my introduction to Dr. Joe Dispenza and I haven't looked back. I'm grateful for all the information.

    (Posted on 4/3/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by Kathleen

    Just finished section 1. Wonderful, thank you so much for the review and amazing meditation! I loved it. Very appreciative this is available online.

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by Olelo pa'a

    I love Mind Matters and also this course. Thank you very much for inspiring us all! Mahalo nui loa, Olelo pa'a

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by Tammy

    I am over half way through this course and I am completely elated with the content. I have been through many teachings and experiences to get here. Dr. Joe has a way of teaching the unteachable. He is what don Juan Matus was to Castaneda. Both don Juan and don Joe have a wonderful sense of humor and love of life. The quantum field via don Juan "Whenever the internal dialogue stops, the world collapses, and extraordinary facets of ourselves surface, as though they had been kept heavily guarded by our words." ~ via Castaneda. Dr don Joe is my don Juan. Loving it!!!! Sat Nam Tammy

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by marva

    program is wonderful. question, can I do the meditation 2 times each day. and. when i start the breathing process during the meditation am i to breathe as i am pulling into the chara areas or breathe in once i have completed moving up through all the chakras, then in hale

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by Ravichandran

    This has been originally explained in Hindu scriptures in detail about chakras and 5 sheaths of energy of the body. Many hindu seers and seekers have described these methods thousands years before. All you have done is without acknowledging the source, used high technical jargons to impress lay public. Though the ideas are highly useful in transformation of onself to become the NEW, i expect recognition of Hindu saints in the subsequent episodes.
    I am a fan of your books and youtube videos, but very much disappointed that not even once you have paid the divine its due.

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

    Designing Your Destiny by Duane

    Hello, I have read all of Dr Joe's books, purchased all of the meditations. I have been practicing and implementing all these concepts since Jan /16. I have been on this quest and seeking for 26 yrs. I am really excited to do and complete this course. Thank You for this offer.

    (Posted on 3/21/18)

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    During this 7-lesson online course, you’ll learn:

    • The essential truth that rests at the core of his life’s work—that you have the power to shift your life by shifting your thoughts—and lays out the basic science to prove it.
    • What exactly that connection means in real life—and how to enhance it even more.
    • The energy centers which your health is controlled by and how to focus them.
    • About the concept of shifting your awareness from matter to energy in order to bring the future into the now.
    • Information about how to tap into multiple dimensions, each of which contains a different potential reality, in order to choose whichever reality you desire.

    What does it mean to redesign your own destiny?

    It means that you can create as much abundance, passion, and joy as you can imagine.

    The Redesigning Your Destiny online course includes:

    • A scientifically based experiential program designed to heal your body and your life
    • Powerful video and audio meditations that stretch you beyond the parameters of time and space, and connect you with Source
    • Mind-blowing stories of real-life healing and life-altering experiences as a consequence of doing the work in this course
    • Precise instructions on how to do “the breath”—a technique that will take your meditations to the next level

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