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Over your six interactive lessons with Denise, you will:

  • Activate your “Inner Oracle”.
  • Learn your connection with ancient oracles in the far past.
  • Understand why you, as an oracle reader, are needed at this time in history.
  • Clear inner blockages that have come from your past lives to become a clearer oracle.
  • Discover how to powerfully clear your aura for more accurate readings.
  • Learn secret feng shui tips for setting up the room in which you do readings.
  • Learn methods to clear, attune, and energize your cards.
  • Journey through time to discover if you were an oracle in another life.
  • Learn to create an altar for more precise readings.
  • Meet your Oracle Guide.
  • Correct storage of your cards.
  • Discover how to use cards for remarkable daily insights.
  • Sacred journey into the card to meet the Sacred Guardian of the deck.
  • Find out how to call guides from Spirit to empower your reading.
  • Learn what music to use to dramatically enhance your readings.
  • Find out how to accurately use crystals and essential oils with your card reading.
  • Discover how to use oracle cards for dream interpretation and reading signs.
  • Learn both traditional and unconventional methods of card interpretation.
  • Discover how to call upon the inner-wisdom of your client.
  • Learn how to create your own oracle deck.
  • Master special techniques for chakra clearing using the cards.
  • Find out how to use bell clearing with oracle cards.

Denise also shares her special expertise as a world-respected coach and workshop leader to help you build your own successful oracle card reading practice. Your clients will be exhilarated as they find the truth buried within themselves to the deep questions of their lives.

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Online Course Includes:
  • Six on demand downloads to keep and listen to again and again.
  • A special audio meditation download: Become the Oracle
  • Participation in the course's private online Facebook community.


Denise Linn

Denise Linn’s personal journey began as a result of a near-death experience at age 17. Her life-changing experiences and remarkable recovery set her on a spiritual quest that led her to explore the healing traditions of many cultures, including those of her own Cherokee ancestors, the Aborigines in the Australian bush, and the Zulus in Bophuthatswana. She trained with a Hawaiian kahuna (shaman), and Reiki Master Hawayo Takata. She was also adopted into a New Zealand Maori tribe. In addition, Denise lived in a Zen Buddhist monastery for more than two years.

Denise is an internationally renowned teacher in the field of self-development. She’s the author of the bestseller ‘Sacred Space’ and the award-winning 'Feng Shui for the Soul,' and has written 18 books, which are available in 29 languages. Denise has appeared in numerous documentaries and television shows worldwide, and gives seminars throughout the world. For information about Denise’s certification programs and other lectures, please visit her Website:, or write to her at:

Denise Linn Seminars  P.O. Box 1135 Lakeport, California 95453

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What You’ll Learn

Lesson 1 :
Creating Sacred Space

Join Denise for this first lesson and learn little-known methods to clear the energy fields of you and your client before a reading. Find out how to discern and clear energy in the room. Discover special uses of bell clearing, essential oils, and feathers. Denise also teaches you secret feng shui tips on how to set up a room for maximum results in an oracle card reading. You’ll also learn how to center yourself before your reading and ways to be the sacred intersection between heaven and earth. And, Denise shares her powerful methods to clear and attune your cards.

Lesson 2 :
Clear the Channel

In this fascinating lesson, Denise helps you clear blockages so you can become a clear channel for your oracle card readings. Take a powerful regression and learn potent processes to clear barriers and deepen your abilities. Denise also talks about oracles throughout history, and how to tap into their insight. Additionally, she shows you how to find out if you’ve you done this before in a past life. Learn about your importance as an oracle card reader in the decade ahead. Denise also teaches you how to create an altar, energize your cards, and using crystals and essential oils with your cards. And, discover special methods for getting daily insight from your cards!

Lesson 3 :
Opening the Gateway

Embark upon an initiation to open oracle gateways to Spirit! Denise shows you how to meet your Oracle Guide. Learn special techniques for calling upon the wisdom of your master guides, angels, ancestors, spirit animal, and even oracle readers from the far past to deepen your inner oracle. Take a sacred journey into the cards to connect with the Sacred Guardian of your deck. Denise also talks about powerful ways to store your cards, music to use, and how to do potent one-card reading.

Lesson 4 :
Becoming the Oracle

In today’s lesson Denise teaches you how to step into the mystic energy of being an oracle.You’ll learn about energizing your hands and heart for the reading and energy-shuffling. Denise also teaches you the most effective ways to ask questions and receive accurate answers. Discover both traditional and unconventional methods of card reading, and learn special methods for activating the inner wisdom of your client so they can find their own answers. Denise also shares powerful ways to interpret the meanings of the cards and teaches you step-by-step techniques for doing Three-Card Reading.

Lesson 5 :
Cards for Interpreting Dreams and Signs

Join Denise as she teaches you how to use your cards for deciphering the meanings of dreams and beyond! Your nightly dreams and the signs and synchronicities in daily life all contain messages from Spirit. Learn how to use oracle cards to help you and your clients understand these messages. With Denise’s expert guidance, you’ll discover how to use cards to program dreams or to understand a dream that you don’t even remember. And, get step-by-step details on doing Five-Card Readings.

Lesson 6 :
Getting Your Message to the World

In this final lesson, Denise teachers you how to get your message to the world! Learn about creating a successful practice, making a difference in the lives of your clients, using social networking to spread the word, and how to use oracle cards at social gatherings. You’ll get all the steps you need to get started!

BONUS: Q&A with Denise Linn :
BONUS: Q&A with Denise Linn

Course Review with Pre-Recorded Q & A with Denise Linn and others.

Online Course Includes:
  • Six on demand downloads to keep and listen to again and again.
  • A special audio meditation download: Become the Oracle
  • Participation in the course's private online Facebook community.
free bonus gift included
Soul Coaching® Oracle Card app

You will also receive information on how to use the Soul Coaching® Oracle Card app as a part of your professional practice. This amazing new tool can be a portable, 'always with you' part of your practice.

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