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    "I want you to forget what every trainer has told you about exercising specifically to target belly fat.
    You’ll learn why the old equation of calories-in versus calories-out -
    creating a deficit in calories to lose weight - simply doesn’t take enough into account."
    Jorge Cruise

    Course Description

    This Exclusive Online Video Course Includes:

    • 6 Weeks of daily coaching videos with Jorge Cruise
    • Daily downloadable affirmations
    • Weekly Tapping “Carb Control Sessions” with best-selling author and EFT expert, Jessica Ortner
    • Weekly workout videos
    • 30 brand new recipes, including 6 cooking videos

    Jorge Cruise has helped thousands of people lose stubborn belly fat and keep it off. He’s worked with celebrities like Jennifer LopezSteve HarveyKatie CouricMiley CyrusJessica Alba and many others. Now he wants to bring his proven method to you in his new online course, Stubborn Fat Gone!™

    Lose Stubborn Belly Fat this Week!

    Are you ready to make a change? Are you excited to start your new life?

    "Jorge Cruise has designed an intelligent, easy-to-implement plan that helps you once and for all ditch stubborn belly fat. He understands that you want fast results and don’t have hours to prepare elaborate recipes or work out at the gym. Simplicity is key here, and he breaks it down into three easy components: Think Fit™, Eat Fit™, and Move Fit™."
    - JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS

    The Dangers of Belly Fat

    Belly fat is a leading contributor to many of the top health concerns in America. Having an excess of even 2 percent more belly fat than average comes with a 39 percent increased risk of developing one of the following:

    • Heart disease 
    • Type 2 diabetes 
    • Cancer 
    • Heart attack 

    Belly fat also robs you of your energy and self-confidence, which can affect your life in many negative ways.  

    When you let that stubborn belly fat go and learn to keep it off, you’ll experience a significant boost in your energy level and an increase in your self-confidence. Plus, you’ll gain tremendous health benefits that will improve the quality of your life! Are you ready to get your spark back?

    Are You Feeling Stressed? Stress Equals Belly Fat
    More than just poor dieting or exercise habits, the hidden component affecting our weight is stress that activates our stress hormones. It’s so insidious and so prevalent in our lives that the American Psychological Association (APA) calls chronic stress “a public health crisis.”

    Part 1: Think Fit™ and Turn Off Stress

    • What are your dreams and goals? 
    • What promises do you want to make to yourself?  
    • What are your biggest challenges, and what tools do you need to amass to overcome them? 
    • What is your true purpose in life? 

    Don’t have the answers right this second? Don’t worry! That’s what part one, Think Fit™, is all about!  

    After this journey of self-discovery, your thoughts, actions, and feelings will all work together in concert to help you release that stubborn belly fat.

    The Words We Say to Ourselves

    To eliminate the most stubborn fat, reduce your stress and cortisol levels, and help you get your life back, let’s discuss the first component of this online program: Think Fit™.

    Take a moment to think about the words you say to your children, your spouse, your parents, your friends. You undoubtedly tell them things like, “You can do it!” “You’re fabulous!” and “I love you!” And I’ll bet you’re usually courteous, kind, and pleasant even to strangers in line at the grocery store. Quick self-test: Have you honestly said these sorts of things to yourself recently? Probably not. And that’s the secret saboteur that’s been holding you back in your health goals!

    Positive thoughts have also been proven to reduce carb cravings and bingeing, which can be a big saboteur of many eating plans. This is why Think Fit is the missing key to making Jorge’s plan work long-term, until it becomes a lifestyle. Increasing your serotonin levels with Think Fit helps with impulsivity, appetite, and curbs food cravings.

    Coaching and Support for Greater Results

    High-intensity intermittent exercise results in greater fat loss directly in the abdomen.

    Coaching in particular is important for success: According to the Society for Public Health Education,people who have regular support from an expert lose three times more weight than those who go it alone. 

    One way a coach can help guide you is by saying encouraging words that you can then internalize and repeat to yourself. A good coach would never say, “You did it wrong; you’re worthless!” Of course not! Rather, he or she would say, “That was a good try, now let’s adjust to make it better.” After continuing to hear positive things from your coach, you can begin to say them to yourself.

    Think About It:

    No one talks to you more than you “talk” to yourself. You can be your own best friend, or you can be your very worst enemy, depending upon the words you say to yourself. The thoughts that you think work directly on your subconscious.

    Getting coaching support through Think Fit™ will create a foundation in your mind for positive thoughts and lead to long-lasting results.

    During Stubborn Fat Gone!™, Jorge is with you as your personal daily coach for 6 weeks to help you reach your weight loss and health goals! And he gets results!

    Part 2: Eat Fit™ and Lose 1.5 Lbs. A Day

    The common diet philosophy of calories-in versus calories-out has reigned supreme for decades, yet it continues to fail, and Americans continue to have issues with weight.

    Think About It:

    If counting calories was the only thing that mattered, then you would be free to fulfill your daily requirements with six Snickers bars for 1,500 calories. However, compare the Snickers diet to that of somebody who eats more calories of salmon and spinach salads. Who would lose fat, who would be healthier, and who could sustain their diet? 

    You don’t need to count all calories, you really only need to count the calories that cause you to gain or lose weight—and that is from the foods that affect the hormone insulin.

    Insulin is cortisol’s partner in crime. It is the most important hormone that is responsible for helping your body know whether you should be burning fat as energy or storing it for later. Your body releases it into the bloodstream in response to sugar. Therefore, by paying attention to your sugar intake, you can avoid spikes of insulin and the signal to “store fat for the winter.”

    How to Eat

    During Stubborn Fat Gone!™ you’ll learn what foods to eat without feeling like you have to give up everything you love!

    Jorge shares 30 entirely new, tasty and easy to prepare recipes you can start making today! You’ll also be in Jorge’s kitchen as he shows you how to prepare some of his favorite dishes in videos you can access throughout this course and after.

    Part 3: Move Fit™ to Burn More Stubborn Fat and Keep it Off

    Think About It:

    Exercising in short bursts of activity - known as high intensity interval training (HIIT), or high-intensity intermittent exercise - actually allows you to exercise less while burning more fat than regular workouts! 

    In this online coaching program, Jorge included his most effective intensity exercise videos for you - they’re simple and can be done at-home without any gym equipment. These videos can be used throughout the year to keep you trim and fit.

    Course Expert

    Jorge Cruise

    JORGE CRUISE used to be 40 pounds overweight. Today he is America's top fitness expert for stress...

    What You'll Learn

    Week 1: Winning the Weight Loss Battle for Good

    Lesson 1 is all about getting started and making a promise to yourself to follow through on your specific goals.

    In this lesson you’ll have access to:

    • Think Fit™: 7 Daily Coaching Videos with Jorge covering the following topics:
      • Gaining clarity about where you are right now
      • Identifying your weight loss challenges
      • Taking an oath to stay committed
      • Drawing on past successes for present achievement
      • Loving yourself
    • Move Fit™ Intensity Exercise Weekly Video featuring Bimala
    • Eat Fit™ Cooking Video with Jorge Cruise
    • Carb Control Tapping Exercise with Jessica Ortner

    Week 2: Staying Focused and Motivated in Reaching Your Health Goal

    Once you’ve gained clarity and know where you are going in terms of your health goals, the next step is reinforcing new positive thoughts and setting realistic goals.

    • Think Fit™: 7 Daily Coaching Videos with Jorge covering the following topics:
      • Accepting help
      • Setting realistic health goals
      • Being calm and confident
      • Developing your inner support team
      • Your top 5 influential coaches
      • The importance of supporting yourself to stay on track
    • Move Fit™ 2: Intensity Exercise Weekly Video featuring Bimala
    • Eat Fit™ 2: Cooking Video with Jorge Cruise
    • Carb Control Tapping Exercise 2 with Jessica Ortner

    Week 3: Fueling Your Body, Mind and Soul for More Joy and More Energy

    Lesson 3 dives deep into your heart for what’s really important to you. Learn how to recognize your thoughts about food and how to alter them so that you crave what your body really needs to bring you energy throughout the day.

    In this lesson, you’ll have access to:

    • Think Fit™: 7 Daily Coaching Videos with Jorge covering the following topics:
      • Recognizing your wins
      • Reframing your thoughts about food
      • Choosing food to fuel the body
      • Reinventing your cooking space for more creativity
      • Discovering what fuels your soul
      • Mindful eating for more joy and vitality in your life
      • Salad in a jar – time-management solutions for prepping meals
    • Move Fit™ 3: Intensity Exercise Weekly Video featuring Bimala
    • Eat Fit™ 3: Cooking Video with Jorge Cruise
    • Carb Control Tapping Exercise 3 with Jessica Ortner

    Week 4: Losing Weight and Feeling Great with Positive Thinking and Self-Acceptance

    Jorge takes you deep into yourself to find and bring out the best in you. Taking time to acknowledge your new healthy habits and giving yourself permission to be proud are key components in sticking with your promise to live healthier.

    In this lesson, you’ll have access to:

    • Think Fit™: 7 Daily Coaching Videos with Jorge covering the following topics:
      • Acknowledging what’s great about you
      • Taking time to recognize your new healthy habits
      • Why comparing yourself to others is a recipe for failure
      • Your very own permission slip to be healthy and happy
      • Boosting your confidence for greater success
      • Relaxing and Releasing your struggles
    • Move Fit™ 4: Intensity Exercise Weekly Video featuring Bimala
    • Eat Fit™ 4: Cooking Video with Jorge Cruise
    • Carb Control Tapping Exercise 4 with Jessica Ortner

    Week 5: Breaking Free from the Past and Coping with Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

    Jorge’s personal coaching during this lesson will help you release any residual negative feelings you have about your body and your health. You’ll learn new ways of handling life’s challenges to discover how to feel good today.

    In this lesson, you’ll have access to:

    • Think Fit™: 7 Daily Coaching Videos with Jorge covering the following topics:
      • Healthy ways to cope with fear, stress and anxiety
      • Feeling grateful for your body and being kind to it
      • Breaking free from the past
      • Being a positive role model for your family
      • How to stay focused on your own health journey
      • Celebrating positive choices for more success
    • Move Fit™ 5: Intensity Exercise Weekly Video featuring Bimala
    • Eat Fit™ 5: Cooking Video with Jorge Cruise
    • Carb Control Tapping Exercise 5 with Jessica Ortner

    Week 6: Feeling Safe and Secure in Making Healthy Choices in All Situations

    This final lesson addresses the concerns of eating well when away from home. Jorge shares important tips when eating out and the healing benefits of giving your body time to rest.

    In this lesson, you’ll have access to:

    • Think Fit™: 7 Daily Coaching Videos with Jorge covering the following topics:
      • How to make healthy choices when eating out or on vacation
      • Following your inner wisdom to make healthy choices
      • Repair, rejuvenate and reinvigorate your life
      • Being comfortable and feeling safe
      • How to practice appreciating yourself
      • How to stop seeking approval from others
    • Move Fit™ 6: Intensity Exercise Weekly Video featuring Bimala
    • Eat Fit™ 6: Cooking Video with Jorge Cruise
    • Carb Control Tapping Exercise 6 with Jessica Ortner

    Bonus: The 12-Second Sequence

    The 12-Second Sequence, Special Edition

    Shrink Your Waist in 2-Weeks! Includes 2 weeks of workout videos to stream and a downloadable 32-page PDF booklet!

    The 12-Second Sequence is a radically unique way to shrink your waist in just two weeks. Strength train with these streaming videos for 20 minutes just twice a week and restore precious fat-burning muscle, which has been proven to target belly fat and rev your metabolism by 20 percent every day. Jorge’s simple and personalized coaching sessions will change your body! Included is his 32-page booklet with detailed explanation of how this program works, diet and nutrition guidelines and testimonials from actual clients who reached their goals to keep you motivated!


    Helen K. The exercise routine looks doable so I will try it out over the next two weeks.

    Linda B. I am changing the way I think about food.

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