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    The Secret Life of Herbs: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Home Apothecary

    If you’ve been nervous or confused—but excited and intrigued—by the idea of using everyday herbs in your kitchen as medicine, then this delightful course is for you!

    Skilled herbalists Rosalee de la Forêt and John Gallagher guide you step-by-step through making 15 powerful herbal remedies including things like Echinacea Throat Spray, Ginger & Lavender Massage Oil, Healing Herbal Salve, and Soothing Calendula Lip Balm. By the end of this course, you’ll not only have your own collection of potent herbal products but also understand all the basics of preparation to create remedies—from teas and tinctures to syrups and salves—beyond the ones in this course!

    Exclusive Course Features

    15 Step-by-Step Recipes

    You’ll not only get clear videos with live recipe demonstrations but also transcripts and story boards outlining the whole process—so you can best understand how to make each of these recipes.

    Self-Paced Lessons

    Everything in the course will become available at once, so you can choose how to work your way through the course, fitting in the lessons when your schedule allows.

    Lifetime Access

    You will be able to access everything in this course over and over again as you become more skilled at using herbs as medicine. Review the lessons for a deeper understanding as you apply the knowledge you've gained—or if you simply love one of the recipes. No matter the reason you come back, the course is yours for good!

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    This Enchanting Online Video Course Includes:

    • 15 powerful herbal recipes, including things like Chamomile Tea with Roses & Vanilla, Immune-Building Astragalus Chai, Elderberry Spiced Syrup, and Turmeric Golden Milk
    • Clear video demonstrations showing each step of preparation
    • Explanations of the powerful health benefits of the herbs used in each recipe
    • Beautifully illustrated recipe cards and transcripts that you can print out to take your learning even deeper
    • Expert tips on how to skip common mistakes made by many new herbalists

    Course Expert

    Rosalee De La Foret

    Rosalee de la Forêt, RH, is passionate about helping people discover the world of herbalism and natural health. She is a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and the Education Director at LearningHerbs. She is also the author of the online courses The Taste of Herbs, Herbal Cold Care, and Apothecary: The Alchemy of Herbs Video Companion. When she is not immersed in herbs, you can find her taking photos of nature, kayaking with her husband, or curled up in a hammock with a good book. See more of Rosalee’s articles and recipes at www.HerbsWithRosalee.com and www.LearningHerbs.com.

    Did you know that you have an extraordinarily powerful first-aid kit… right in your own kitchen??

    What You'll Learn

    Lesson 1: Chamomile Tea with Roses & Vanilla

    Herbal teas are a simple way to enjoy the many benefits of herbs. In this video, you’ll learn how to make a strong cup of chamomile tea that is perfectly blended with roses and vanilla. You’ll also get tips on how to avoid tea making common mistakes, why you should try to avoid tea bags, and which are the best tea infusers.

    Lesson 2: Lemon Balm & Oatstraw Infusion

    Experience the power of nourishing herbal infusions. These specialized tea preparations use a larger amount of herbs that are steeped for an extended period of time. The result is a potent water extraction that’s nourishing and tastes wonderful. This recipe is a calming and relaxing blend, perfect for settling your nerves during stressful times and long-term nervous system support.

    Lesson 3: Immune-Building Astragalus Chai

    This is not the sweet caffeinated chai you find at coffee stands. This delicious herbal blend is a powerful way to support your immune system and prevent getting frequent colds. It also helps digestion. Chai is a tasty way to learn about a traditional herbal preparation called a decoction. You’ll see how to get the most out of herbal roots, barks, and seeds.

    Lesson 4: Elderberry Spiced Syrup

    Herbal syrups are a time-honored way to soothe a sore throat or to entice children to take their herbal remedies. This recipe features one of the most famous herbal syrups of our time: elderberry. Elderberry syrup is a delicious and powerful way to ward off colds and the flu. Rosalee’s special touch will surely make this remedy a family favorite for years to come.

    Lesson 5: Garlic Honey

    Combining garlic and honey may sound strange, but this super simple herbal remedy packs a powerful kick! Using just two ingredients, you’ll see how you can make a soothing remedy for sore throats that also helps with lung and sinus congestion. This is kitchen herbalism at its best.

    Lesson 6: Fire Cider

    Infusing spicy herbs into vinegar is a potent way to stimulate the immune system and address congestion. Fire cider is a beloved recipe and an important tradition for herbalists. There is even a national Fire Cider Day! Not sick? This also makes a delicious salad dressing. It’s a great first vinegar to make. Fire cider is also an example of using food as medicine to keep your immune system healthy.

    Lesson 7: Echinacea Tincture & Throat Spray

    Echinacea stimulates the immune system, helping you to ward off colds and the flu. In this video, you’ll learn lots of tips and tricks on how to get the best results using Echinacea. Besides learning how to use the ratio method to make a tincture, you’ll learn how to turn this alcohol extract into a healing spray for sore throats.

    Lesson 8: Echinacea Glycerite

    Echinacea glycerite is a way to enjoy the benefits of Echinacea without the alcohol. This preparation is perfect for people who choose to avoid all alcohol. It’s also great for kids. This video demonstrates exactly how to correctly make a glycerite. You’ll spend pennies on the dollar of what tinctures and glycerites cost in stores.

    Lesson 9: Ginger & Lavender Massage Oil

    Have some aches and pains? You can brew up this simple herbal oil in minutes! Best of all, it uses only three ingredients that you might already have in your home. Learn how to make this quick oil infusion, which can be massaged into painful muscles, joints, and shoulders.

    Lesson 10: Healing Herbal Salve

    After you see how fun and easy it is to make your own all-purpose healing salve, you’ll never want to be without it. This salve uses three potent herbs renowned for their ability to prevent infection and heal wounds. This salve is sure to become a family favorite.

    Lesson 11: Soothing Calendula Lip Balm

    Cheap lip balms are full of petroleum, and the natural balms can be expensive. Making your own herbal lip balm is fun, easy, and inexpensive. This recipe uses calendula, a special herb well documented for its ability to support skin health. This lip balm will make a beloved gift for friends and family.

    Lesson 12: Chamomile & Peppermint Compress

    Perhaps the most ancient of all herbal remedies . . . herbs steeped in hot water and applied on a cloth. As basic as it is, not many people today use this powerful remedy. A fomentation, or compress, can be made in minutes. It is used externally to address headaches or irritating skin conditions, such as hives or rashes. Often, simple is best!

    Lesson 13: Trikatu Pastilles

    Pastilles are herbal pills that you make yourself. This spicy blend combines three herbs into a traditional Ayurveda remedy used for people with cold digestion. Eating these potent pills daily with meals will stimulate digestion as well as address congestion in the lungs and sinuses.

    Lesson 14: Artichoke & Orange Bitters

    Bartenders and hipsters are embracing bitters, but do they know bitters are a healing herbal remedy? Eating or drinking something bitter before a meal promotes your natural digestion. Rosalee’s signature bitters blend can be used as a before-dinner drink and is also perfect for people with signs of heat. Once you make your first bitters, you can start creating your own trendy blends.

    Lesson 15: Turmeric Golden Milk

    Our final Apothecary recipe is a delicious herbal treat that is also a powerful daily tonic for your health. Turmeric is a virtual medicine cabinet packed in one herb, and golden milk is a popular way to actually drink your turmeric. Rosalee’s updated version of this classic recipe makes a frothy beverage that can be enjoyed every day.

    Bonuses: In-Course Bonuses

    Video: Herbal Dosing Strategies
    Figuring out how much of an herb to take is a crucial part of being successful using herbs. Unfortunately, for many people, dosage can be one of the most confusing aspects of herbalism. In this training video, Rosalee demystifies herbal dosages. She shows you exactly how to figure out the dosage for individuals, using a wide range of different herbs and preparations. This 30-minute mini-workshop will give you a new set of herbal strategies that will help you be more successful.

    Video: Choosing Herbal Preparations
    What preparation should you take? Tea? A tincture? Syrup? What about capsules? Should you use an herb internally or apply them externally? In this video class, Rosalee gives you the pros and cons of many different herbal preparations. Confidently choose which herbal preparation best suits your individual needs or situation.

    PDF: The Lost Alchemy Chapters
    In Apothecary, we introduced four new herbs not found in Alchemy of HerbsComfrey, Calendula, Echinacea, and Plantain. Therefore, we felt it was only proper to provide four new thorough chapters worthy of being part of the Alchemy of Herbs family. Consider these the lost chapters. You’ll learn the best ways to take Echinacea so that it actually works, how to best utilize the skin healing powers of comfrey and calendula, as well as the myriad of uses for plantain . . . from bee stings to coughs. Download the PDFs below to explore these herbs in depth.

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    This is a great course for those just starting out. The videos were fun to watch and broken down to make everything easy to understand. And as I am a more visual learner watching each recipe be made was extremely helpful. I highly recommend this course!

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