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Patricia Crane Ph.D.

For over 20 years Patricia has been developing and leading inspiring workshops. She has been privileged to study with leading metaphysical teachers of our times, including Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. Patricia holds a Ph.D. in Social Psychology, is a student of A Course in Miracles and a Reiki Master. In 1988 Patricia was personally chosen by Louise to lead the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life® workshop nationally and internationally. This workshop evolved into a successful international training programme.

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Rick Nichols

Rick Nichols, a partner in Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, and an expert on Human Potential, is a writer, storyteller and international speaker. With his inspirational, warm, and humorous style Rick has captivated audiences around the world. He is a speaker of many facets: a Authorized Heal Your Life Workshop Leader Certification storyteller, poet, and philosopher, as well as a teacher and student of life.

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What You’ll Learn

Lesson 1 :
Heal Your Life Basics

In this foundational lesson, Patricia and Rick walk you through the basics of Louise Hay’s powerful healing work. They look at eight of her core philosophies, including such insights as “What we give out, we get back,” and “Self-acceptance and self-approval are the keys to positive change.” After discussing the points of philosophy, they move into practical application, helping you identify and transform the beliefs that may be holding you back from the life you most want. Detailed explanations and hands-on practices with affirmations, mirror work, and the concept of deservability round out this lesson and put you well on your way to healing your life.

Lesson 2 :
The Power of Your Past

What you experience impacts you not only in the moment but also far into the future. For example, being told to “buck up” or “don’t cry” could easily instill in you a belief that showing emotion is bad, and this belief will guide your actions throughout your life unless you are able to recognize and transform it. In this powerful lesson, Patricia and Rick help you look at how your past is influencing your present. Simple exercises, meditations, and group discussions open your eyes to your own limiting beliefs—and how to transform them into something more helpful. You will see firsthand how to create affirmations to address your beliefs, and you’ll walk step-by-step through a process to meet and love your inner child, something that can change your life in unbelievable ways.

Lesson 3 :
Heal Your Body

This lesson shifts the focus to physical health, drawing heavily upon Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life. Louise’s work is based on the assertion that emotions become lodged in the body and then manifest physically. To heal the body, you must address the emotion causing your symptom. Patricia and Rick take you on a journey through the emotions that cause illness, looking closely at anger and guilt, two of the most powerful feelings that influence health. They teach you how to listen to your body and identify what emotional issue may be hurting you. Then they guide you through straightforward practices to release negative emotions and do the freeing work of forgiveness. Soon you will understand just how your emotional body is affecting your physical body—and how to heal it.

Lesson 4 :
Heal Your Relationships and Finances

In this final lesson, Patricia and Rick look at two more areas of life that often cause strife—relationships and money—and discuss how you can heal these using Louise’s teachings. In your affairs with others and with money, just as with every other area of life, what you believe comes into being; so to heal, you must look at the beliefs that guide you. By seeing your negative relationships and work experiences as mirrors of what you need to work on in yourself, you create opportunities for personal growth. Through engaging group discussions and practical exercises, Patricia and Rick walk you through an exploration of some of the most common negative beliefs in these two areas and create affirmations to shift your subconscious programming around them.

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