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This course is for you if want to:

  • Stand up for your health!
  • Stand up for your happiness!
  • Stand up for your time!
  • Take Back Your Life with Extreme Self-Care!

In this unforgettable year long course, renowned life coach and New York Times best-selling author Cheryl Richardson will take you on an exciting journey to develop your self-care muscles. She’ll share inspiring stories and practical advice on how to get the self-care you deserve.

Each lesson addresses one unique behavior that may be getting you into trouble. Perhaps you have a tendency to say yes when you mean no, or you fear disappointing other people. Maybe you have difficulty asking for help, managing your time, or dealing with your sensitivity. Cheryl offers action-oriented strategies to help you finally put an end to the constant cycle of self-betrayal and neglect that stems from ignoring your own needs. Join Cheryl to take your self-care to the extreme so you can live a more fulfilling, free, and pleasurable life.

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  • Stand up for your health!
  • Stand up for your happiness!
  • Stand up for your time!
  • Take Back Your Life with Extreme Self-Care!


Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson is the author of The New York Times bestselling books, Take Time for Your Life, Life Makeovers, Stand Up for Your Life, The Unmistakable Touch of Grace and her new book The Art of Extreme Self Care. She was the first president of the International Coach Federation and holds one of their first Master Certified Coach credentials. Cheryl is also the recipient of the 2000 Motivational Book Award for Life Makeovers from Books for a Better Life, which honors the year’s most outstanding books and magazines in the self-improvement genre. Her book, The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, was chosen as a finalist in the 2005 Spiritual Inspiration category for Books for a Better Life.

As a professional speaker, Cheryl has designed and presented programs to universities, Fortune 500 companies, educational conferences, and professional associations. Her work has been covered widely in the media including The Today Show, CBS This Morning, New York Times, USA Today, Good Housekeeping, and O Magazine. Most recently, Cheryl has been a regular guest on Good Morning America. She was the team leader for the Lifestyle Makeover Series on the Oprah Winfrey Show and she accompanied Ms. Winfrey on the “Live Your Best Life” nationwide tour.

Cheryl served as the co-executive producer and host of “The Life Makeover Project with Cheryl Richardson” on the Oxygen Network and as the co-executive producer and host of two Public Television Specials – “Stand Up for Your Life” and “Create an Abundant Life.” You can also find her Facebook Fan Page here and follow her on Twitter under her username “@coachoncall.”

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What You’ll Learn

Lesson 1 :
End the Legacy of Deprivation

What is extreme self-care? That’s the question that Cheryl will answer in this first lesson, which is a live participatory call. She’ll cover the many facets of self-care—what it is and, perhaps more importantly, what it isn’t. She’ll also cover:

  • Why self-care isn’t selfish or self-serving
  • Why your learned coping strategies may no longer be serving you—and may likely be causing more harm than good
  • How to become aware of areas in your life where you feel deprived, overwhelmed, or exhausted
  • How to figure out what you need to combat the deprivation
Lesson 2 :
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Extreme self-care starts with extreme self-love. So this lesson is all about self-love. In it you’ll discover:

  • The importance of self-mothering (introspection) and self-fathering (action)
  • How to shift your inner voice to be gentle and patient
  • The power of doing the acclaimed practice of mirror work to foster self-love
  • The practicalities of starting a mirror work practice
  • That you are worthy of love simply because you are you
Lesson 3 :
Let Me Disappoint You

Sometimes taking care of yourself means that you disappoint other people. That’s okay—as long as you do so with grace and love. In this lesson, you’ll hear:

  • Why we don’t like to say no when we really need to
  • A simple 3-step process that will allow you to respond authentically to others’ requests
  • How to say no in a way that honors others and yourself
  • Specific language to use when you must disappoint people
  • How to set boundaries with grace and love
Lesson 4 :
The Power of Rhythm and Routine

In the fourth month of self-care, Cheryl teaches you about the power of rhythm and routine to bring peace, stability, energy, and productivity to your life. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to get in touch with your natural rhythms of productivity, creativity, energy, rest, and so much more in order to work, play, relax, and live your best life
  • How to identify routines that richly serve you—and routines that don’t
  • Why structure actually creates more freedom
  • Three healthy routines that you can implement into your own life today
Lesson 5 :
Take Your Hands Off the Wheel

Asking for—and then accepting—help can be one of the hardest things to do as you start to take better care of yourself. But it’s essential to living a full and happy life. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The reasons we often don’t reach out for help—and why we need to
  • How to identify where in your life you need help and what’s preventing you from asking for assistance
  • A simple process for tuning into your needs in order to get the right help, whether it be someone to care for your finances, your home, or even your laundry
  • How to work with the people who you have engaged to help you
  • Why asking for help actually empowers you and other people
Lesson 6 :
The Absolute No List

What do you hate doing? What’s on your plate right now? These are just some of the questions that will help you prioritize the activities in your life and thus free you up to live more authentically. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • Why prioritizing certain areas of your life is critical to your self-care
  • A straightforward process to identify both what you want and don’t want in your life
  • That you determine what you focus on—for you always have choices
  • How to create the time and energy to do the things that are most important to you
  • How to construct realistic goals within your areas of priority
Lesson 7 :
Soul-Loving Space

Living and working in a space that speaks to your soul is a vital element of self-care because your surroundings can drain or enhance your energy. In this lesson, you’ll hear:

  • How transforming your space can help transform your life
  • What clutter is and how to eliminate it
  • An interview with feng shui and decluttering expert Denise Linn
  • Simple techniques to identify what is draining your energy and what’s raising it
  • Advice on the best ways to enhance your surroundings
Lesson 8 :
You’re So Sensitive

Many of us have been told that we’re “too sensitive,” but embracing your sensitivity can actually enhance your life in untold ways. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How sensitivity is the key to living a full, rich life
  • You are not alone as a highly sensitive person—you have a tribe to turn to for support and encouragement
  • How to identify the ways in which sensitivity shows up in your life so you can celebrate and benefit from the unique gifts it offers
  • Simple techniques to protect your sensitivity so it doesn’t hold you back
Lesson 9 :
Tune-Up Time

This session is all about your body—loving the body you’re in and honoring and caring for it in healthy ways. In this lesson, you’ll hear:

  • The importance of prevention: caring for yourself before something dramatic occurs
  • Simple processes to tune in to your body to find out what needs your care
  • Resources with high-quality information that are available to you as you look out for your health
  • Information about how to find the right health-care practitioner for you
Lesson 10 :
How Does That Anger Taste?

Anger is a powerful emotion that will eat you up—emotionally and physically—if you don’t deal with it. So managing anger is a must for extreme self-care. In this lesson, you’ll hear:

  • Strategic ways to handle anger to create the best outcome
  • How to figure out whether restraint or confrontation is a better path in the moment
  • How to find your own voice and use it to speak up for yourself
  • An interview with Marilyn Kagan, psychological expert and author of Defenders of the Heart
  • About different types of anger—resentment, long-term anger, in-the-moment frustration—and how to address each of them
Lesson 11 :
Wake Up

Many of us lose sight of what makes us truly happy—the activities and causes that speak directly to your soul. But finding and expressing your passions is one of the things that makes life worth living. In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of uncovering and expressing your passions
  • What passion is and how it is connected to your emotions and your life
  • Simple techniques to help you begin to unearth your unique passions
  • Advice on how to explore your passions in a supported way
  • Three interviews with people who have found their passion and beautifully express it in their lives
Lesson 12 :
Your Extreme Self-Care First-Aid Kit

In this final lesson, which is a live call, you will learn how to create your own self-care kit that you can turn to when you face an unexpected challenge. You’ll hear:

  • Why self-care quickly becomes an afterthought when the unexpected happens
  • Simple questions to help you identify what and whom you need for support during a crisis
  • Specific examples of how to handle difficult times in a healthy way
  • Why creating space to feel your emotions is essential for self-care
  • Why being aware of your coping strategies can protect you from losing control
In Course Webinar - Cheryl Richardson :
In Course Webinar - Cheryl Richardson

This in-course webinar allow you the unique opportunity to interact personally with Cheryl Richardson and to ask questions, gain personalized insight about your situation and learn from others in the community. This LIVE webinar is only being offered within the course and is a rare chance to speak with Cheryl to help get you an in-depth understanding on the exercises, tools and techniques in this course.

Bonuses :

Tuning In: Listening to the Voice of Your Soul

There is a great power that resides deep within you. This power, a wise inner mentor, is the voice of your soul. When you learn to access and use its wisdom, you make the highest choices for your life. The guided relaxation process in this audio download is designed to help you turn your vision inward so you can stay connected to this wise inner voice. As you get in the habit of listening to the voice of your soul, it will guide you to live your most authentic life.

The Art of Extreme Self-Care interview between Cheryl and Reid Tracy, Hay House CEO

In this entertaining video, Cheryl Richardson talks to Reid Tracy, Hay House CEO, about how digging deep and listening to your inner voice can change your life—both inside and out.

  • Stand up for your health!
  • Stand up for your happiness!
  • Stand up for your time!
  • Take Back Your Life with Extreme Self-Care!
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